Let Hangzhou Light up Your Night…
After successfully hosting the G20 Summit, the city of Hangzhou has been the talk of the world and its many G20-related venues gained popularity, among which is Qianjiang New City, the hosting venue of B20. It, since the G20, has enlightened hundreds of thousands of people which continue to show with its spectacular light and musical show. MORE
  Falling in Love with Autumn
Autumn, a season brandishing gold, orange and reddish hues, is for much of the world one of the most beautiful seasons to follow a sweltering hot summer. This is certainly the case for Hangzhou. Boasting spectacular scenery throughout the year, this most vibrant city offers its visitors many a place in which to fall in love with autumn. MORE
  Count Down to the Hangzhou Trail-walk Conference
Besides Hangzhou Marathon, the most worth-waiting-for sports event of this year, the International (Hangzhou) Trail-walk Conference which will kick off on October 29 in Qianjiang New City is also being tracked to becoming a popular event.MORE
  Grand Canal Temple Fair Unveils Its Charm
In ancient times when modern land transportation didn’t exist, the transport of grain from southern China to northern China was mostly conducted via the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, an ancient waterway which continues today to play a significant role in connecting the south and the north, both culturally and economically. MORE
Hangzhou Gets Set to Thrill this Halloween

With one of the most popular western festivals creeping up on us fast, and with a number of fangtastic venues on its door step, Hangzhou is getting set to thrill this Halloween.

Psychic – Halloween CBD Festival

This Halloween why not party to electronic beats in one of the most incredible buildings in town? A cosmetic feast boasting of fashionable goods, the coolest neon tattoos, creative Halloween-related treasures, toys and jewelry, awaits you in over 1000 square meters of space… MORE

2016 Halloween Party 2016

This extremely popular party has been held consecutively for the last 10 years but this year it will be held in fifteen cities at the same time. Highlights of this year’s party include shivery band live show, mesmerizing dances, free Halloween make-up demonstrations by professional make-up artists …MORE

Animal Halloween Party

For the wild at heart this may be the Halloween party you have been waiting for. From Oct. 22 until Nov. 13, Hangzhou Safari World is throwing a party named “Halloween Animal Party” providing families and friends with a unique Halloween experience. MORE


Food Paradise – Cantonese Restaurants in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is a culinary paradise with many of its restaurants serving a host of delicious dishes. Besides its local cuisine, Hangbangcai (Hangzhou Dishes), which is known for its fresh ingredients and light flavors there are a couple of other cuisines worth trying, one of which is Cantonese.

Ju Feng Yuan

Customers are always impressed by the luxurious decoration of Ju Feng Yuan. The shop front, covered floor-to-ceiling in glass, and its deluxe seafood advertisement both indicate the high-end position of this restaurant but to one’s surprise the prices of Hong Kong dim sum and Cantonese dishes at Ju Feng Yuan are quite wallet-friendly.MORE

Autumn House

Edward, the owner of Autumn House, lived in Hong Kong for many years and has brought with him, in Autumn House, a simple but elegant Hong Kong style tea house. The decoration of Hong Kong street scenery on the entrance of the house brings the unique ambiance of Hong Kong.MORE

Zhou Huang Restaurant

Many diners of Zhou Huang Restaurant are attracted by its delicious shrimp dumplings. Zhou Huang Restaurant is one of the earliest Hong Kong tea-restaurants in Hangzhou and its dim sum are rich in variety and authentic to taste. Customers flow in even after the mealtime.MORE

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