2016 Hangzhou Tea Culture Expo Opens on March 25
To lay a solid foundation for G20 Summit, show the world the unique charm of Hangzhou being one of the ancient capitals of China and a lively metropolis at the same time, and to showcase the best tea culture of Hangzhou, 2016 Hangzhou Tea Culture Expo is to be held from March 25 and invites you all to start a journey full of fragrance of tea. MORE
  Registration for 2016 Thousand-islet Lake Spring Cycling Event Begins
Spring is a season for witnessing verdant leaves sprout and colorful flowers bloom and is, for some, also viewed as the best time to enjoy cycling. This is particularly true for places rich in breathtaking scenery, fresher than fresh air and well-equipped cycling routes and in Hangzhou there is one place which fits this description perfectly – Thousand-islet Lake.    MORE
  Cherry Blossom – Romantically Blooms
As temperatures rise, tours to Japan for viewing cherry blossom also increase in popularity, but rather than fly to Japan, why not immerse oneself in the fragrance of cherry blossom in the 200,000 sq m flower area in Hangzhou’s Hai Huang Xing Eco-park in Shuangpu Town, which will take full bloom from March 5.   MORE
  Hangzhou Proudly Unveils Treasured Collections
From now until March 27 the West Lake Museum, Hangzhou, is proud to unveil Tianyi Pavilion and its most treasured collections. Tianyi Pavilion is a well-known ancient library in China and has been granted many titles such as the oldest private library in China, the oldest library in Asia and one of the oldest family libraries in the world.   MORE
Spring - Hangzhou’s Most Colorful and Blossoming Season

Hangzhou in spring offers its residents and visitors the best time to appreciate the reputed ‘misty March scenery of Jiangnan’ and even a stroll in the lush greenery of the city can, at this time of year, trigger the fondest of memories. So meandering along Longjing Tea Plantation together with enjoying the flowers in Prince Bay Park should be at the top of your sight-seeing list during one of Hangzhou’s most colorful and blossoming seasons.

A Date with Tea

Hangzhou not only produces fine green tea but also varieties of high quality black tea. Tea is an integral part of any leisurely holiday in Hangzhou and its lingering fragrance together with its fresher than fresh taste is really known come to life after the very first spring rain.

What to Do:

A Walk in Longjing Tea Plantation

Sipping a cup of Longjing Tea

A Stroll amid a Sea of Colorful Blossom

After a whole winter’s hibernation the city of Hangzhou awakens with color - all of which must be witnessed and explored at first hand. The floral beauty of this remarkable city can be experienced in various places, such as the Prince Bay Park, Solitary Hill, Xixi National Wetland Park, Su and Bai Causeway, Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor, Hangzhou Botanical Garden, Eight-diagram Field and Yuquan Road.

Where to Go:

Prince Bay Park (太子湾)

Bai Causeway and Su Causeway (苏堤和白堤)

Hangzhou Flower Nursery (杭州花圃)

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Local Culture Embedded in a Natural Landscape

Hidden in and around the West Lake’s mountains is an assortment of unassuming hotels which not only offer guests an unforgettable and most comfortable stay but also the opportunity to experience local culture embedded in a natural landscape.

West Lake Reclusive Life Villa Hotel

A getaway from bustling urban life, West Lake Reclusive Life Villa Hotel is a second-to-none place when being at one with nature and immersing oneself in Buddhist culture. Whether for sightseeing or paying pilgrimage this is most certainly a haven away from home.     Learn More

Address: No. 363, Shang Tian Zhu, Xihu District (西湖区上天竺363号)

Telephone: 15924157016

Shui An Shan Ju Hotel

Shui An Shan Ju is advantageously located near Xiangshan Mountain and is nestled inside the China Academy of Art, which was designed by a Pritzker Architectural Prize winner. The combination of Xiangshan Mountain’s enchanting scenery and the artistic atmosphere of China’s Academy of Art, bestows this hotel with unique charm. The architectural style of the hotel and the artistic surroundings complement each other perfectly and also adheres to the designer’s concept of “Nature above architecture” and the most famous stone inscription “Poetic Landscape, Spiritual home.”     Learn More

Address: No. 352, Xiangshan Road, Zhuantang Block, Xihu District (西湖区转塘街道象山352号)

Telephone: 86-571-87200999

Redwood Inn

Although Redwood Inn is located in the busiest area in Qingzhiwu the hotel and its quiet courtyard still manage to offer guests a peaceful environment. The hotel, situated outside Hangzhou Botanical Garden and surrounded by all kinds of spring blossom, features a combination of Western and traditional Chinese styles and a master chef, who was the administrative chef of a Hangzhou five-star hotel before he obtained a number of culinary skills from abroad.     Learn More

Address: No. 73, Qingzhiwu, West Lake District (西湖区青芝坞73号)

Telephone: 15397071687

Hangzhou Tourism Commission

Official Website: en.gotohz.com / e.gotohz.com

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