West Lake—World focus on cultural heritage

Clearly, without West Lake there would be no Hangzhou as we know it. To the Chinese mind, Hangzhou and West Lake are an entirety that cannot be separated. West Lake not only serves as the model for the aesthetics of Chinese landscape, but it's also the spiritual home of Chinese scholars from various epochs. It was inducted to the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 2011.

West Lake currently occupies an area that was once an ancient gulf about 10,000 years ago. Among all other Chinese attractions, this one is the only lake that has achieved status as a World Heritage Site. Some people say that West Lake merely consists of a lake, a couple of pagodas, some quaint bridges, and a few small islands... but actually, the natural surrounding landscape of West Lake, the spatial features of a modern city surrounded by greenery, and the cultural relics, are all crucial elements that combine to form West Lake's overall charm as a World Heritage Site... making it a perfect backdrop for visitors who wish to take in the area's highly acclaimed top ten views.

West Lake covers an area of 60 square kilometers, has a lake surface area of 6.5 square kilometers, and is surrounded by trees that provide visitors with a pleasant canopy of shade. There are many historical sites, including more than 90 representative Chinese stylistic gardens and more than 60 ancient cultural relics. West Lake has virtually become synonymous with the city's name after thousands of years.

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