Southern Song Dynasty’s Imperial Kiln Culture

Hangzhou City was the national capital during the Southern Song dynasty. 800 years later, traces of the Emperor’s ancient city can still be found on the historic sites in Southern Song Imperial Street on the Zhongshan Rd, Bagua Tian, and the Imperial Kiln Culture of Southern. Opinions still vary about the true origin of the word “China,” but what is certain is that it is closely related to China's ceramic culture. The Southern Song Dynasty’s Imperial Kiln Culture, which is one of ancient China’s ceramic arts, came directly from Hangzhou. Although the Imperial Kiln itself was a very minor contributor to Song Dynasty Ceramics, due to its location and other advantages, it produced much of the finest ceramics for the Imperial Family. Some of these ceramics later became recognized as part of a precious Chinese cultural heritage. The Southern Song Dynasty’s Imperial Kiln Museum, located on the Fenghuangshan Mountain, is the first ceramic theme museum in China founded on the site of an ancient kiln.