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Geography and Climate

Hangzhou lies along the southeast coast of China. To the east, the terrain is flat and crisscrossed by a network of rivers. There are only 170 square kilometers of land between Hangzhou and Shanghai, China’s economic center. To its west are highlands and low-level hills surrounded by vast forests.

The city benefits greatly from various sources of water – there are streams, rivers, lakes, and the seaside - all forms can be found in Hangzhou. In fact, the meaning behind the name Hangzhou has a deep connection with water.

Hangzhou city also lies within the eastern subtropical monsoon climatic region. The climate is moderate, the average temperature 16.5 degrees Centigrade, and there are four distinct seasons. Although summers can be hot and humid, it's not entirely unbearable. During the winter, temperatures are similar to that of south European countries... cold, but with infrequent snowfall. Spring, which is from March to May... and autumn, which is from September to November... are both considered to be the golden seasons for travel.