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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree… 2019-11-06
Christmas Day will soon be upon us and even though this is, traditionally, a western festival, Hangzhou has still managed to wonderfully adopt the sparkle of Christmas, which can be seen in its variety of magical Christmas trees...

 The most dreamlike Christmas tree in Hangzhou 

The Christmas tree at the front of Hubin Yintai in Unit 77C (湖滨银泰in77C区)has a height of 15 meters and a dreamlike appearance which is highlighted by its colorful decorations and distinct style. At the center of the stage, a classical merry-go-round rotates to the joyful sound of Christmas music and beside the Christmas tree is a Time Tunnel, which is dotted with thousands of star-like lights leading you to the man himself, Santa Claus, who flies down from the top of Unit D to greet you.

Address: Hubin Yintai in Unit 7CC, 258 Yan’an Road, Shangcheng District

 The tallest Christmas tree in Hangzhou 

Located at the front of the Hangzhou Kerry Center (杭州嘉里中心), this Christmas tree is high enough to rival the center’s sixth floor. It is decorated with candies, snow and ribbons and makes you stop in your footsteps. On the first floor of the center stands a huge unique tree house, where a four-meter-high Santa Claus settles down.

Address: Hangzhou Kerry Center, 353 Yan’an Road, Xiacheng District

 The most shining Christmas tree in Hangzhou 

At the front of Hangzhou’s Mixc Mall (杭州万象城)stands a shining Christmas tree, which warms your heart in the coldest of weathers. Dotted with numerous bright stars, it has become a new landmark in Qianjiang New City. In fact, it is not the only Christmas tree because on the first floor of the mall, there is another tree 4-storey high and beside it is a gingerbread house buried in the snow where a naughty Santa Claus can be found hiding inside.

Address: Hanghzou Mixc Mall

 The romantic Christmas tree in Hangzhou 

Yuanyang Ledigang Shopping Mall (远洋乐堤港购物商城) has a tree in its atrium that with all the tumbling snow, it almost appears to be real. Snow falls profusely and disorderly on the Christmas tree and the shoulders of the audience, making a pure white world. Here, the gorgeous deer is also a highlight because it is sketched by hand by Alice Lin, a freelance illustrator.

Address: Yuanyang Ledigang Shopping Mall, 58 Lishui Road, Gongshu District

 The most moving Christmas tree in Hangzhou 

The Christmas tree, standing at the front of the Longhu Hangzhou Jinsha Tianjie Shopping Center (龙湖杭州金沙天街购物中心), can light up the darkest of skies. At the top is a Star of Bethlehem and thousands of little stars around, enlightening passersby. In the shopping center, the red polar express appears to be summoned by the Santa Claus taking you through a tunnel of Christmas.

Address: Longhu Hangzhou Jinsha Tianjie Shopping Center, 560 Jinsha Avenue, Jianggan District

 The most natural Christmas tree in Hangzhou 

Che’fle Canal Hotel Hangzhou (契弗利酒店) displays a light show on its lawns outside the hotel. Covered with colorful bauble lights the scene resembles a fairyland from afar. In a big bauble, there is a peacock standing on a Christmas tree which is spreading its wings as if it is going to fly – a Christmas wish from the hotel - to spread your wings and reach for the sky.

Address: Che’fle Canal Hotel Hangzhou, 7 Lishui Road, Gongshu District

 The best Christmas tree representing the rebirth of Christ 

In the Hyatt Regency Hangzhou (杭州凯悦酒店), the unique Christmas tree filled with gold silk red balls represents hope and rebirth, and perhaps any wishes made under it caneasily be achieved. During Christmas, the hotel will prepare various snacks, exquisite cakes and a most pious choral performance.

Address: Hyatt Regency Hangzhou, 28 Hubin Road, Xihu District
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