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TeamLab, the world interactive exhibition, comes live to Hangzhou 2019-11-06
TeamLab is a Japanese new media art club with more than 400 creative talents in various fields. It made its debut in 2001, and has won many accolades, including the Most Influential Design Award, Science and Technology Award in Asia, and for a successive two times it has been chosen as one of the top ten must-see exhibitions in the world by Designboom, the famous Italian website. Even the New York Times and Bloomburg Businessweek acclaimed it as a fairyland of science and technology.

Now, such an exciting exhibition comes live to Hangzhou’s Mixc Mall which will last from 20thDecember 2017 until 6th May 2018.This exhibition aggregates a lot of interdisciplinary professionals of design, construction, engineering and scheming from Japan, Taiwan and mainland China and through half-a-year’s cooperation, this masterpiece has finally come into being.

Besides the long exhibition period and the large exhibition area of 1800 square meters, this exhibition boasts a lot of original works that were first published in mainland China, for example, Graffiti Nature, Sliding through the Fruit Field, Light Ball Orchestra and so on.

What you can see in the exhibition?

 Sketch City 

What will the future be like? Here, you can imagine yourself as a city designer creating your future only as you see it. Draw a running car, paint a kind Santa Claus that only belongs to you, create a colorful flying house which can take you around the world, …, do anything that cannot be achieved in the real world for all you paint here is imaginary.

 Connecting! Block Town 

Can you imagine that a vivid town can only be built with building blocks as well as shades and lights? Here, green lights project a green lawn, where you can place building blocks. What’s even more magical is that between the two same blocks, a river or road will be generated automatically. With the roads coming alive, cars, trucks, ships and other transportations are also generated successively. Here, there are many other special effects waiting for you to discover.

 Story of the Time when Gods were Everywhere 

Stepping into this area, you become a magician who can call forth gods. Mountains, birds, trees and pictographs constantly spring up on a huge wall screen. As you touch these pictographs, the corresponding world appears. In these fictitious worlds, the objects are vivid and have their own distinctive features. For example, butterflies here are afraid of fire but are infatuated with flowers, birds perched on the branches are constantly looking for food, and sheep can be seen to be trying to escape from a wolf.

 Light Ball Orchestra 

Here you will find a lot of colorful light balls floating in the air, sometimes shining and sometimes faded, and if you catch one then roll or tap them and then listen to the wonderful sounds they make.

 Graffiti Nature 

Here is the most fabulous secret garden in the world. In the garden formed with lights and shades, your graffiti, no matter the design, comes magically alive. For example, butterflies will be attracted to the beautiful flowers, grass is growing with time, and a huge blue whale will swim around you to witness your creative works.

 Sketch Aquarium 

If you are yearning for the underwater world, then don’t miss this area where each participant is invited to color in a drawing of a sea creature of his or her preference. Once completed, the piece of paper is scanned, and the image is projected onto a giant virtual aquarium. You will be able to see the creations come to life where they swim with all the other sea creatures. Children may also touch the fish to see them swim away, or touch the virtual food bag to feed the fish.

 Sliding through the Fruit Field 

Diving from a height is a carefree experience that will help you to slide away your worries. This is a slide with all kinds of fruits growing on it, including watermelons, peaches, pears and so on. You become the sunlight, and as you slide, the fruits that collide with your body will grow. It is not only an experience of sliding, but also a meaningful slide that accompanies seeding, breeding and gaining.
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