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A Stroll through Fuyang District 2019-09-19
Fuyang Dongzhou Street, located beside Fuchun River, boasts a number of villages and all of which are full of the air of seclusion. When visiting why not take a stroll through the ecological tourist itinerary: Hangzhou –Lujiapu Village –Lanjun Agricultural Science and Technology Park –Jiuchongtian Ecological Farm –Xinsha Village –Huang Gongwang Village and Gongwang Mountain Residence

 What to do: 
Recognize all sorts of tropical plants

Huang Gongwang Town, the source of the creation of the Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains, witnessed the whole secluded life of Huang Gongwang, the sage of painting in ancient times. Stepping into the town, you will find yourself lost in the enchanting forest mist, which is produced from a mist system.

It is also the base for the Chinese Academy of Subtropical Forestry Research. With 96.5 percent forest coverage, 49 kinds of animals under the first and second-class state protection are raised here. Apart from the animals, you also can see the world-class subtropical forest landscapes.

The park telephone: +86 571 6346 1908

After Huang Gongwang Village, the next stop is Jiuchongtian Ecological Farm, which is a harvest of color and includes green papayas, green mangos, yellow logans, red pitayas, litchis, passion fruits, pomelos, figs and so on. Here, the tomatoes vary in color, the pears vary in taste, the cabbages vary in shape, … thus, it is also referred to as The Agricultural Kingdom.

When you arrive at Dongzhou Island, do not miss the Lanjun Agricultural Science and Technology Park. The park contains many Chinese medicinal herbs as well a variety of orchids, which infuse the park with an air of romance.

Following this is Xinsha Island, a little island in the middle of Fuchun River. Surrounded by water, the island boasts beautiful scenery, dense forest and simple villages. Here, you get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and be at one with nature.

Besides the natural fresh water swimming pool, a paradise for swimming enthusiasts, the B&Bs are an excellent choice for families and couples, the broad barbecue area is well-equipped for parties, and a self-service kitchen is also suitable for tasting the local rustic dishes.

 What to eat: 
Dongzhou grapes, farm dishes, Wufeng Fish

Lujiapu Village in Fuyang Dongzhou Street, which is reputed as the Turpan in Hangzhou, has a one-thousand-and-three-hundred-acre vineyard, whilst Dongzhou Street has 4,000 acres of vineyards in total. The grapes in Lujiapu Village have a long history of cultivation, multiple sorts and are of excellent quality. Here, you can choose any taste of grape according to your preferred flavor.

In Huang Gongwang Village, dozens of characteristic farmhouses and B&Bs are randomly scattered about. Built with bamboo, the houses give you a fresh feeling of nature and provide you with an abundance of rustic dishes that are both green and fresh.

In the east of Dongzhou Street, there is a pond that is over-five-thousand-acres in size, and where more than 20 types of fish dwell, supplying more than 70 families economically.

 Where to live: 

Huang Gongwang Village consists of four villages, Yuanyeshu, Baihe, Zhulinwu and Hengshan, and wins the reputation Meijiawu in Fuyang. Viewed afar, the whole village is buried in dense forest, large old persimmon and cherry trees. There are 12 distinctive Fuchun B&Bs here and among them, the most special is the Gongshan Mountain Villa. It is a garden Bed &Breakfast containing 3 houses and 16 rooms. It is styled with a Jiangnan water village outside and is designed with Chinese classic style inside.

Living here, you can feel the strong cultural atmosphere through the Huang Gongwang Forest Park, Subtropical Forest Science Education Base, painting and calligraphy Exhibition in the nearby pedestrian street, Art Creation Base and so on.
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