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Count Down to the Hangzhou Trail-walk Conference 2019-09-19
Besides Hangzhou Marathon, the most worth-waiting-for sports event of this year, the International (Hangzhou) Trail-walk Conference which will kick off on October 29 in Qianjiang New City is also being tracked to becoming a popular event.

International (Hangzhou) Trail-walk Conference

Event Settings

Walk for Fun: 5km tour for participants aged 70 years old and below, mainly for families and groups; 

Fitting Walk: 15km tour for participants 18 to 70 years old, mainly for enterprise groups; 
Super Elite: 30km tour for participants 18 to 70 years old, mainly for college students and sport lovers;
Challenge Unlimited: 50km for participants 18 to 65 years old, mainly for sporting professionals.

Highlights of the Hangzhou Trailwalk Conference

Highlight One: Terminal at Hangzhou G20 Summit Venue

Hangzhou International Expo Center

The starting point of the 2016 Hangzhou Trail-walk Conference is located at the South Square of Civic Center in Qianjiang New City. The terminal for the 5km and 15km walk is Hangzhou International Expo Centre, the venue of Hangzhou G20. The terminal for the 30km and 50km is at Hushan Square in Xianghu Lake.

Highlight Two: Passing by the Beautiful Flower Field

Hangzhou Qiantang River Bridge

Every route of the conference will pass by six bridges, which includes Hangzhou Qiantang River Bridge, Xixing Bridge, and Fuxing Bridge – the three bridges spanning the Qiantang River. During the tour the participants will be exposed to spectacular views like that of Qiantang River and some of the routes will also pass by a stunning 2,280 acre flower field. 

Highlight Three: The Internationalization of Hangzhou Trail-walk Conference
To internationalize the event and to present to the world the high quality life style of Hangzhou, the trail-walk conference has promoted the trail-walk activities to 15 countries, with the mission of “Hangzhou Walk together with the World”. At present, the trail-walk assemblies have taken place in Fukui in Japan, Botswana in Africa, Christ Island in New Zealand, Melbourne in Australia and Hanoi in Vietnam.
More international vibes have been added into the conference this year. For example the courier stations, set aside the routes, are designed in the styles of different countries and are hosted by foreign trail-walk ambassadors whose aim is to boost the morale of the participants. What’s more, a registration channel is open to international walkers.

Cartoon and Animation Elements

Highlight Four: More Cartoon and Animation Elements
Animation has played a significant role in the trail-walk conference and more elements will be added to this year’s event. Cosplayers in animation costumes will join in the tour and famous cartoonists have also been invited. In addition, there are many other surprises hidden along the way, for example, Lele, the mascot of China’s Cartoon and Animation Festival will be at the venue waiting to have his photo taken with you.
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