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Love is in the Moganshan Air... 2019-06-10

Chinese Valentines’ Day is also known as Double Seventh Day and this year it falls on August 9. This ever so romantic day has become a time-honored and legendary festival which is related to the Chinese household folklore “The Weaver Girl and the Cowherd”. The folklore is about two characters who are separated from each other by the Milky Way and who, with the help of magpies, can only meet once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. So in order to have your very own special Hangzhou-style Valentines’ Day, then head to Moganshan Scenic Area where love can be found in the fresher than fresh air.

Before being listed in 2012 by the New York Times as one of “45 Places to Go”, Moganshan Scenic Area was already a haven for those craving a tranquil getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Moganshan, covered by bamboo forests, is a national forest park and AAAA scenic area and since ancient times it has been one of China's best places to go to avoid the summer heat. Many historically renowned people have left their footprints in Moganshan and these can be seen in the form of poems, stone carvings and various types of villa of exquisite design.

During the past decade a host of foreigners have settled in the mountain area and have transformed old villas to characteristic guest houses all of which have helped the mountain area to develop its high reputation.

Naked Stables

Located at the foot of Moganshan Mountain in an open however isolated valley, Naked is a luxury resort nestled in a natural conservational area. It has two types of room available, the spacious and luxury tree top villa and the cozy earth hut.

Inside the resort one can enjoy many relaxing moments either by visiting the spa for some well deserved pampering or viewing the undulating mountains while immersing in the forest's fresh air, you may even glimpse a wild deer or two. If you are into sport then you can ride mountain bicycles, hike Mt. Moganshan, practice yoga or go horse riding. You can also partake in some creative activities such as making porcelain.

Price: Starting from 2400 RMB
Add: No. 37 Shangxiazhuang Village, Paitou Town, Deqing County (德清县筏头乡兰树坑村上下庄 37号)
Tel: +86 21 6431 8901

Le Passage Moganshan

Rather than running a hotel the owner of Le Passage Moganshan prefers to share his reclusive life with those who share the same interests. This place is like someone’s elegant home with antique wooden floors, super tall doors and windows, white blinds, handmade ceramic floor tiles and a king-size Turkish hand-woven carpet - all of which form the life style the owner has spent years to create.

The most romantic part is that Le Passage Moganshan has a rose garden where over 12000 roses of 20 different species are grown. Every May and September the roses are in full bloom and appear like a blanket of petals covering every inch of the mountain slop. During this time, fresh roses can be seen adorning the tables, aisles and guest rooms, and you are even given a bunch to take home with you.

Price: 4800RMB – 7500RMB(+15% service fee)
Add: Xianrenkeng Tea Plantation, Ziling Village, Moganshan Town (莫干山镇紫岭村仙人坑茶场)
Tel: +86 572 8052958
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