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Hangzhou Countryside Farm Finds Favor from New York Times 2019-09-19
On June 18, the famous New York Times gave a big surprise to Lin’an, Hangzhou, reporting about the Sun Commune in Lin’an. What makes the Sun Commune stand out amongst others to catch attention of the international media giant?

Architects Seize on Potential in China’s Countryside

Located in a 3.6-kilometer-long valley, Sun Commune is an ecological farm covering an area of 500 mu (1 mu roughly equals 666 sq m). The farm is characterized by paddy fields flanking the road, and a rustic pig barn, hen house, sheep pen all spread out amongst the nearby small valleys, and barley, fruits and vegetables planted separately in small areas.

The centerpiece of Sun Commune is the pig barn constructed for over 30 black pigs. The pig barn is open-aired and bamboo-lined, with a pyramid-shaped thatched roof and a swimming pond. Every afternoon, these pigs take naps and are lulled into sleep by the sounds of gentle jazz music.

Every day, when the bell rings, the pigs all rush out and enjoy ambling into the valley. Then they trot out to the yard, swim in the pond, roll on the ground or push the fence around the fruit plantation with their snouts until the whistle blows to call them back inside. The pigs here can be said to be living happily; the national standard area allocated for a single pig is 0.6 sq m, but the standard at Sun Commune is of 1.5 sq m per pig.

Besides, the pig barn is indeed a building to be viewed. Designed by architectural master Chen Haoru - an architect and professor at the architecture school of the China Academy of Art, it is equipped with a swimming pond and a spacious yard. The pigs subsist on a diet of mineral water and barley. The ventilation system and waste processing system are of excellent quality and in good upkeep.

Departing from the trend of people flocking into cities, the owner of Sun Commune believes in the potential in countryside to serve as a haven for those looking to get away to pristine and less crowded places.

Besides offering various types of locally-grown organic vegetables, fruits and freshly butchered meat, Sun Commune also serves as a great place for people to be at one with nature.

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