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Camping in Picturesque Thousand-Island Lake 2019-11-06
Why not soak up the daytime atmosphere of heavenly mountains and waters and enjoy a picnic in the Thousand Island’s fresher than fresh air or put up your tent at the bank of the lake and lie down to view the moon in the night sky… As camping season is now upon us, now is the time to set up tent and what better place to start with - Thousand-Island Lake.

Pailing Peninsula Green Lane Campsite

Pailing Peninsula Green Lane Campsite (排岭半岛绿道营地), also called Slow Life Square, is located at the starting point of Pailing Peninsular Green Lane. The campsite is built at the lakeside and only a few steps away from the Thousand-Island Tourism wharf. The campsite is equipped with bicycles for rent, a bicycle store, ground campsite, rooftop campsite, BBQ area and car park to accommodate numerous campers and their vehicles.

Tel: 400-826-5176

Xiaojinshan Service Station Campsite

Xiaojinshan Service Station Campsite (小金山驿站营地) is 13.8 km from Qianfen Route (the most beautiful road in Zhejiang Province) and close to Red Leaf Scenic Area. It overlooks Moonlight Island (also known as Five Dragon Island - a romantic and poetic attraction inside Thousand-Island Lake) and on the campsite grounds are self-driving and cycling services, special local food, mini bus rental, camping, BBQ and other services.

Tel: 400-826-5176

Bei’ou Service Station Campsite

Bei’ou Service Station Campsite (贝欧驿站营地) is approx. 9 km from Central Lake Tourism Port and from the Campsite No.1 Area platform you can see the stars and enjoy the most charming panoramic view of Thousand-Island Lake. There is also the opportunity to have picnics on Campsite No.2 Area where both patio and grassland are featured.

Tel: 13968022789

Jiangjia Thousand Island Lake Outdoor Sports Campsite

Jiangjia Thousand Island Lake Outdoor Sports Campsite (姜家千岛湖户外运动露营营地) is located in Jiangjia Town, the tourism sub-center of Thousand Island Lake. The camping grassland is about 2000 sq m and is well equipped with dining facilities, chess room, shower rooms, restrooms and a parking lot. In addition, the campsite is close to scenic areas such as Longchuan Bay Wetland Park. This is a good spot for campers.

Tel: 18906528809

Jiangjia Recreational Vehicle Campsite

Jiangjia Recreational Vehicle Campsite (姜家房车营地) is located in the attractive town - Jiangjia, beside the most beautiful self-driving road - Qianfen Route, about 40 minutes’ drive from Thousand-Island Lake. The campsite covers an area of 200 mu (1 mu equals 666 sq m), offering 100 standard RV for camping and 200 car parking space. All the RVs are well-equipped according to European Standard and private RVs are also acceptable.

Tel: 86-571-64862212
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Jingshan Flower Sea and Longmen Ancient Town Have Reopened2020-03-24
In March, flowers are blooming and there is an intoxicating fragrance even in the breeze. Let’s take advantage of the beautiful spring and set out on a wonderful journey.
From March 20, Xixi Wetland Will Open Online Booking!2020-03-24
In the important period of epidemic prevention and control, in order to control the number of tourists in real time, to facilitate tourists to enter the park quickly, and to ensure the safety of tourists to the greatest extent, starting from this Friday (March 20), Xixi National Wetland Park will open online reservation channels.
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