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More Rural Fun… 2019-04-01
Guided by the saying, “Let the verdant mountains and glistening waters be the city’s financial source”, Hangzhou has, since 2009, been focusing on building ‘Idyllic Villages’ famed for their Jiangnan-style scenery, ecological functions and distinguished highlights offering residents and tourists even more rural fun.

Recently, the third group of ‘Idyllic Villages’ has been announced and they include the following: Shengguang Village (昇光村) in Xiaoshan, Banshan (半山村) and Lianqun (联群村) villages in Fuyang, Xinlong (新龙村) and E’shan (莪山村) villages in Tonglu, Hejia Village (何家村) in Chun’an, and Tuankou (湍口村) Village in Lin’an.

Tuankou Village

Tuankou Village is famous for its well-known Tuankou Hot Spring, which is the nearest of its kind to Hangzhou - it is actually renowned as the ‘Hot Spring on Hangzhou’s Doorstep’. So without travelling afar one can enjoy the healthy hot spring in a luscious green mountainous setting. The temperature of the water in Tuankou Hot Spring varies from 29 to 33 degrees centigrade. It is colorless, odorless and contains a favorable quantity of micro elements which are of high medicinal and health value.

In 2014, Lin’an Tuankou Zhong’an Hot Spring Resort was opened and its hotel was built according to the standard of a five-star hotel offering people luxury and comfort after an unforgettable soak in the local hot spring tub. The hotel is nestled in a blanket of dense forest where fresher than fresh air, vegetation and nature are provided for free.

Banshan Village

Banshan Village is located on a mountain slope with an altitude of 400 meters and in this village every household grows peach trees - with a total peach tree plantation area adding up to 1400 mu (1 mu equals 666 sq m). Every spring Banshan Village is dominated by an endless stretch of peach blossom flanked by rows of luscious green trees.

Every spring from March to April Banshan Village also holds a Peach Blossom Festival where a variety of peach blossom themed tourist routes and farm-flavored restaurants and leisure activities are set to guarantee you a blooming marvelous time.

Shengguang Village

Shengguang Village is characterized by ecological tourism and inside the village there is a Dongfuyuan Temple (东福源禅寺) that dates back to the Sui Dynasty (581-618) and based on which is built the Dongfuyuan Resort. In addition, the village is also the base of the underground revolution in old China and also in the village are well preserved anti-Japanese War relics.
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West Lake Customized Bus – Signature Sights at Every Stop2019-04-15
April is the best time to tour Hangzhou. Recently, Hangzhou has opened a new customized tourist bus route No. 9, which only runs on weekends from Hangzhou East Railway Station to West Lake Scenic Area. The customized bus is really a treasure route for touring West Lake, which has few passengers, but also very fast. Most important of all is that wherever you get off, you can have the most classic touring experience in Hangzhou.
Breathing the Freshest Air in Zhejiang2019-04-15
The air pollution prevention and control office of the leading group for the construction of a beautiful Zhejiang Province recently announced the evaluation results of the 2018 clean air demonstration zones. Chun'an County and Jiande City in Hangzhou were rated as the first Zhejiang clean air demonstration zones.
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