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The Route to New Picturesque Scenery… 2019-09-19
Hangzhou is situated in the Yangtze River Delta Area which is characterized by dense water and towering mountains. The city is positioned in such a blessed landscape upon which is built a host of tourist paths which, although varying in difficult degree, are without exception the place to discover some of Hangzhou’s finest scenery. Compared to the well-known paths packed with crowds few people know about these new paths, so take a hike or stroll and discover the route to some of Hangzhou’s new and picturesque scenery.

Xixi Ecological and Leisure Belt

Xixi Ecological and Leisure Belt is estimated to open to the public at the end of this May. With a length of 3.3 km the belt is shaped like the capital letter ‘L’ and stretches from Xixi Brook in the south then northwards along Zijinggang Road to Wen’er West Road and then finally westwards to Wuchang wharf (五常港).

From Xixi Brook to the east entrance of Xixi National Wetland Park, you will be greeted by a stretch of path flanked by a forest of fir trees and on Wen’er West Road there are sightseeing platforms from which you can view the surrounding scenery. If you head westwards along Wen’er West Road until the north entrance of Xixi National Wetland Park you will discover waterfront platforms, open-air teahouses and places to experience life as a fisherman.

The ecological and leisure belt is characterized by flagstone and wooden paths as well as paths flanked by dense forest and flowers.

Liuxia Hejiayuan Tourist Path

The newly-added tourist path in Liuxia is 10 kilometers in length and stretches from Hejiayuan Community to Meijiawu Tea Culture Village and sacredly passes the holy place of mountain hiking - Shi Li Long Ji.

The first half of this tourist path is an ascending Z-shaped mountain path that features 1355 steps which are built with natural skid-proof strip stones. The second half is a combination of steps and gentle slopes that take you to the mountain top where a pavilion called Cuifeng (Verdant Mountain) resides and provides a place to rest and absorb the surrounding panoramic views of Hangzhou City. Continue on and you will reach a reservoir for angling, or can visit tea plantations and see Lingyin Temple.

Xixi Valley Slow Walking Path Area Two

This path includes many mountain climbs like Laohe Mountain, Beauty Mountain and Lingfeng Peak. The path features a slow walking path without steps which can also accommodate children’s prams and pushchairs. Very few people know about this walking path so enjoy a tranquil and picturesque stroll before the crowds find out.

Banshan National Forest Park

This forest park has recently opened a new tourist path called “Wangchen Route (望宸线)”. The tourist path is 2.6 km long and starts from Xianren Valley (仙人谷) to the park’s tourist center. Along the way you get to see a wealth of enchanting scenery such as the verdant mountains in Hushan reservoir (虎山水库), emerald waters in Taoyuan Wonderland and peach tree forests in Xianren Valley as well as pavilions embedded in spectacular mountain views.

In addition, this October the second part of the tourist path will open to the public which is a winding mountain greenway and is estimated to be as long as 4.5 km and from one of the path’s pavilions one can even see Gongchen Bridge – the highest and longest stone arch bridge among ancient bridges in Hangzhou.
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