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A Wild and Wonderful Children’s Day 2019-09-19
Children’s Day, marked every year on 1st June, is not just for little ones but it is a celebration for the young at heart which includes you... For a fun-filled day and a return to childhood then celebrate the wild and wonderful way with an International Circus and Clown Carnival.

Starting on May 27 in Hangzhou Guangsha Stadium (Old Hangzhou Stadium) for a consecutive three days, Hangzhou International Circus and Clown Carnival are bringing Zootopia to life and with five performances and a host of wild and wonderful acts you and your children are guaranteed a roaring good show and a truly unforgettable Children’s Day.

The organizers have invested heavily in hiring circus professionals and stage directors in order to produce the best stage effects ever. High definition LED screens and five cameras are equipped to enable children to see each and every detail of the performance and the concert-only light effects and high quality hi-fi sound equipments are set to show you the most dazzling circus performance in town.

In addition, if you are lucky enough, you may get invited to the stage where you can meet all the performers, have a photo and even take home some wonderful souvenirs.
1. Bears performing acrobatics and riding bicycles.
2. Dogs show off their reading and math skills and perform other IQ tests. They will also perform hand-stands, jump through hoops and other entertaining activities.
3. Cheeky monkeys hold funny postures while goats walk on wire.
4. Tigers and lions perform acrobatics.
5. Elephants play a musical instrument and other entertaining tricks. Audience will also be invited to interact with the big star.
6. 8 Horse Tsar Cavalry: horse breakers will pose a wide variety of difficult riding gestures.
7. Funny Clown.
8. Beauty and the Beast magic show.
9. Talking parrots.
10. Performances by sea lions.
11. Flying wheel: Actors perform difficult acts in spinning flying wheels.

Time: From 19:30 on May 27; from 10:00, 14:30, and 19:30 on May 28; from 14:30 on May 29
Venue: Hangzhou Guangsha Sports Hall (Old Hangzhou Sports Hall)
How to Get There: Take bus No. 8, 11, 21, 22, 28, 32, 126, 199, 201, 221or 228 to the bus stop of Hangzhou Stadium (shi ti yu guang: 市体育馆)
Ticket: 80 RMB, 180 RMB, 280 RMB, 380 RMB, 500 RMB, 580 RMB, 700 RMB, 1000 RMB
Single ticket 280 RMB – family ticket (two adults one child) 700 RMB and family ticket (one adult one child) 500 RMB;
Single ticket 380 RMB – family ticket (two adults one child) 1000 RMB and family ticket (one adult one child) 700 RMB
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