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Lakeside Tea – A Heavenly Combination 2019-09-19
Hangzhou is famous for many things but it is the city’s world renowned West Lake and revered Longjing Green Tea that are the talk of the town and to sip a cup of this highly sought-after brew while immersing oneself in the scenic views of the West Lake is a heavenly combination.

Green Bamboo Teahouse

According to most local residents, Beishan Road is the prime position in which to appreciate a variety of scenery. Whatever the season it is in this great location that you can capture the West Lake in many a great snap and if you walk westwards along Beishan Road you will reach the foot of many a hill, where also resides the black-bricked Green Bamboo Teahouse.

It’s through the floor-to-ceiling windows of this teahouse that you instantly catch sight of the picturesque West Lake, Bai Causeway and Beishan Road. The environment here is peaceful and serene and sitting back and sipping a cup of tea whilst enjoying the view is the perfect Hangzhou life as it has become aptly known.

Xiao Hong, Green Bamboo’s tea specialist and a tea connoisseur in Hangzhou city, believes that making tea is more than pouring hot water into a cup of tea leaves. According to Xiao Hong a qualified tea specialist should go through years of training and should also study the different methods of pouring water, how to keep balance while pouring water and the different seated positions too. Besides this she also says you should have abundant knowledge about tea leaves, tea space design, tea table design, tea teaism, tea planting and tea garden management.  A visit to this teahouse and you are sure to acquire a thirst for the knowledge of tea.

Address: No.31, Beishan Road

Yong Xu De Teahouse

A quiet and unknown venue, Yong Xu De’s front door opens onto Kaiyuan Road but very few people can find it, so in order to get into this secluded teahouse you have to find the doorbell first from which you are then greeted and taken on a journey of tea-tasting treats.

Yong Xu De is a tranquil location ideal for both tea and music lovers. Hidden in the teahouse are a wide selection of high-quality teas and tea sets and the teahouse mainly focuses on offering a great place to appreciate tea and learn tea skills whilst listening to the sounds of Chinese Classical music.

The owner of Yong Xu De, Mr. Song, has spent many years exploring tea markets and it was based on his study and love for sharing all things tea related that he opened Yong Xu Du.

Amidst the daily hustle and bustle of city center life Yong Xu De is the perfect retreat to immerse oneself in the world of tea.

Address: No.98, Kaiyuan Road

Floating Life Collection Teahouse

The term collection often signifies a large amount of something which could be tea, jade pendants, hairpins, fragrances, wine or flowers. However, here the meaning of Floating Life Collection is to record the small happy elements in normal life and to share and reminisce about them later on.

Floating Life Collection was previously an online brand but this spring they opened a small teahouse located within the Phoenix Villa. They even named their very own tea called ‘grain tea’ signifying, like grain, that it is needed in our lives every day.

One of the owners, Miss Mao, said here the focus is on tea and with that message they endeavor to offer their customers the greatest tea by visiting tea hills and elevating the skills of tea makers.

In the winter of 2015 they introduced a fragrant black tea as well as a rock tea produced with experience and nature and this spring, they introduce a handmade variety from the Hangzhou-West Lake Longjing batch.

The tea specialist of Floating Life Collection is the pupil of an acclaimed tea expert who has been awarded the certification of national intangible cultural heritages in making West Lake Longjing tea.

During the last 20 years mechanically-made tea can be seen and tasted everywhere - often being made with huge profits. However, the tea specialist of Floating Life Collection is not allured to that as he insists on exclusively making hand made tea and in 2006 was even honored the title 'The King of Fried Tea'.

The most famous thing is that he holds the title for many blind tea tasting competitions in which everyone is welcome to join and in which all tea skills are counted. Visitors come from afar as North China to see the master of tea. His real abilities conquer everything and now you too can taste his achievements in the Floating Life Collection.

Address: No.164, Phoenix Mountain Bottom Road
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