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Runners' Paradise 2019-09-19
Running is an exercise which can be done in all seasons and at almost all places (gym, sports center, downtown road, you name it), however, the running experience varies based on when and where you do the running. For those wanting more than just to sweat, but to enjoy the whole process of running, running in spring in a place boasting of good road condition and enchanting scenery is definitely the best choice.

The following 5 running routes are recommended by running enthusiasts in Hangzhou, China and are located in different parts of Hangzhou. Most importantly, all of them fit the descriptions of the above.

Holy Place for Running Enthusiasts: Bai Causeway and Su Causeway

Route: Broken Bridge → Bai Causeway → Nanshan Road
Distance: Approx. 5 km

West Lake is a remarkable UNESCO World Heritage and the two causeways spanning it – Bai Causeway and Su Causeway are on the other hand the widely accepted holy place for running enthusiasts in Hangzhou.

The running route is characterized by picture-postcard scenery of lush green willows setting off pink peach blossom with the West Lake and surrounding mountains as the backdrop, and unique road condition featuring both level blacktop road and multiple stone bridges with gentle slope.

NB: Both Bai and Su Causeway are extremely popular among tourists and residents in Hangzhou, China. To avoid the madding crowd, it’s better to go there to run early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Oxygen Bar: Fu Causeway in Xixi National Wetland Park

Route: Huawu Intersection at Tianmushan Road (天目山路花坞路口) → Huajiang Intersection at Wen’er West Road (文二西路花蒋路口)
Distance: Approx. 2.3 km

Ranked among ‘Three Xi’s (three landmark attractions in Hangzhou)’ along with Xihu (West Lake), Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society, Xixi National Wetland Park  is reputed as the Oxygen Bar in downtown Hangzhou for its well-preserved wetlands and all sorts of landscapes and living beings.

Fu Causeway in Xixi National Wetland Park, benefiting from its location inside Xixi, offers runners the fresher than fresh air and a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle urban life. Just like Bai Causeway and Su Causeway, Fu Causeway is characterized by blacktop and bridges, but with much fewer people to interrupt your running.

NB: The best time to run in Fu Causeway is in the morning, for the air is the best and during the meal time, there will be vehicles carrying visitors to dine in the restaurants near Fu Causeway.

Best Riverside Scenery: Banks of Shangtang River

Route: Shijia Garden (施家花园) → Eastern Bank of Shangtang River (上塘河) → Shaoxinglu Bridge (绍兴路桥)
Distance: Approx. 5 km

For those working near Wulin Square, running along Shangtang River is definitely their top choice and at this time of the year flowers of various kinds along the riverbanks will be in full bloom, adding more color to the running experience.

NB: There are a large number of residential areas near the river. When running along the route, you may meet residents either working out or strolling along the river. Try not to knock into them, especially those tiny ones in prams.

Competing with Ships Sailing in Qiantang River - Northern Dyke of Qiantang River

Route: Jiubao Bridge (九堡大桥) → Xiasha Bridge (下沙大桥)
Time: Approx. 8km

Compared to the abovementioned running routes, this one features much broader view and a unique experience of competing with ships sailing in Qiantang River and of course, the view of Qiantang River is also worth mentioning which is especially stunning at night when illuminated by lights.

NB: The wind is strong at the riverside, so it’s better to take some extra clothes with you.

Zigzagging Mountain Road – Gaoting Mountain Professional Cycling Path

Route: Running along cycling direction signs from Tourist Center in Gaoting Mountain Scenic Area
Distance: Approx. 4 km

For those wanting to run on steep mountain roads, this route is worth a try. In addition, its peach blossom blooming vibrantly during the springtime surely will please your eyes.

NB: It is a cycling path, so attention is needed to pay to passing by bicycles and wear an earphone is not advised.
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