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April in Hangzhou - Pure Merriment 2019-11-06
If we say March is the reign of cherry blossom, then April is ruled by multiple queens when flowers like tulip, pear blossom and peony share people’s attention in Hangzhou, China.

In Hangzhou, besides flower viewing, other popular things to do in April include joining in creative fair and sipping fresh tea etc. To fully appreciate the pure merriment offered by Hangzhou in April, just follow the guide below to get started:

Peony Exhibition in Pagoda of Six Harmonies


Time: Till May 3
Hours: 06:30~17:30
Ticket: 20 RMB
Venue: Pagoda of Six Harmonies Cultural Park
Add: No.16, Zhijiang Road, Xihu District (西湖区之江路16号)
How to get there: Take bus No. 4, 287, 318, 334 or 354 to the bus stop of Pagoda of Six Harmonies (liu he ta: 六和塔); Take bus No. 190, 202, 280 or 308 to the bus stop of Pagoda of Six Harmonies on Zhijiang Road (zhi jiang lu liu he ta: 之江路六和塔)

The park, in which now stands erectly the majestic Pagoda of Six Harmonies, used to be the imperial garden for King Qians of the Wuyue Kingdom during the Five Dynasties (907-960). During its time serving King Qians of the Wuyue Kingdom, the park was already the world of peonies and was widely acclaimed the best place to view peonies in Hangzhou.

Currently, the approx. 2,000 peonies of 100 kinds are in full bloom inside Pagoda of Six Harmonies Cultural Park, welcoming visitors from both home and abroad in their best state. Memories may fade away but the glory of the park as the best place to view peonies in Hangzhou continues.

Awaken • Spring Creative Nautilus Fair

Time: From April 23 to April 24, 2016
Hours: 12:00 ~ 19:00
Ticket: 30 RMB
Presale: 20 RMB
Venue: Hangzhou Creative Design Center
Add: No. 102, Genshan West Road, Jianggan District (江干区艮山西路102号)
How to get there: Take subway line 4 to the station of Xintang Road (新塘路) and get out from Exit A2.

The fair gathers selected designers from all corners of China and is a great occasion for people making friends who share common interests, getting inspirations from creative designs by masters, trying your hand at making handicrafts, knowing about charming cultures from all corners of the world and taking your pick from a wide selection of featured merchandise.

Besides the abovementioned, await you at the fair are also show-stopping interactive performances, a wide variety of palatable dishes and snacks, and a chance to stepping into the virtual world created by the cutting-edge VR technology and having fun in jumping on elastic bed, playing interesting shuffleboard and Velcro wall etc.

Inquiring Tea in Meijiawu Village

Spring is the season of tea in Hangzhou. During the time, various types of tea varieties appear on the market. Instead of having tea alone at home, it is even better to visit a tea garden with friends, to enjoy the refreshing and fragrant Longjing green tea in an environment featuring the fresher than fresh air and the view of girls elegantly picking tea leaves among lush green tea bushes grown on the undulating mountains. To do so in Hangzhou, Meijiawu Tea Culture Village makes a nice choice.

Meijiawu Tea Culture Village boasts of picture-postcard scenery, natural village and profound tea culture. After traversing Meiling Tunnel, lush green tea trees all over mountains and fields reveal themselves before your very eyes. They are shining in the spring’s warm sunshine and send forth intoxicating fragrance. The view of rows of white-walled and red-tiled residential houses set off the verdant mountains is definitely a pleasure to the eye. Sipping a cup of Longjing tea in one of the family-run teahouses at a window-side seat is a treat which can only be found in heaven.

Besides, around the West Lake, one can also find some of the most representative teahouses to savor this Hangzhou specialty, such as the lakeside Hu Pan Ju, one of the earliest teahouses – Qingteng Teahouse, Chinese classical style Tai Chi Teahouse. Visit any one of them and you shall know the essence of savoring Chinese tea.
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