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Follow Noted CBS Reporter to Appreciate the Beauty of Hangzhou 2019-09-19
Recently, the noted CBS reporter - Liam Mayclem paid Hangzhou a visit and during the period, shot the experiential promotional video of Hangzhou, which is a significant component of Hangzhou’s big plan in 2016 to promote the city as a travel destination in America.

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Along with the opening of the Hangzhou channel on Expedia in March and the announcing of Hangzhou-San Francisco direct flight to be launched this July, the event takes Hangzhou tourism promotion to the next level.

The following places are visited by Liam Mayclem during his visit in Hangzhou, which give him a great time and surely will also work for anyone wishing to have a nice start with the exploration of Hangzhou.

China National Tea Museum – Longjing Branch

Longjing Branch is a newly-added member of China National Tea Museum. It is constructed on the old site of Longjing Tea Plantation and covers an area of 75,333 sq m with vegetation coverage rate up to 70 %. Featuring Jiangnan style buildings, it provides visitors chance to learn about tea varieties both home and abroad, tea culture and a series of tea-related hands-on activities. In addition, standing on its tea alter which is at the mountain top, a panoramic view of mountains surrounding the West Lake is easily obtained.

Address: No. 268, Wengjiashan (翁家山268号)
How to get there: Take bus No. 27 and 87 to the bus stop of China National Tea Museum – Longjing Branch (cha bo long jing guan: 茶博龙井馆).

Grand Canal Cruise Starting at Wulinmen Wharf

For Grand Canal Cruise, No. 1 Route water bus is highly recommended which runs from Wulinmen Wharf all the way to Gongchen Bridge. During the trip, passengers can set eyes on old-fashioned Hangzhou life style along the way, visit the largest museum complex in China (consisting of China Fan Museum, China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum and China Umbrella Museum) and enjoy the beauty of the historic Gongchen Bridge spanning the Grand Canal.
Timetable for No. 1 Route Water Bus:
 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:25 9:50 10:15 10:40 11:05 11:30 11:55 12:20 12:45 13:10 13:35 14:00 14:25 14:50 15:15 15:40 16:05 16:30 16:55 17:20 17:45 18:10 18:35

Reminiscing About the Past in Gongchen Bridge

Spanning the Grand Canal from east to west, Gongchen Bridge is the largest stone arch bridge among all the ancient bridges in Hangzhou and is also one of the significant provincial historical relics recognized by Zhejiang. The bridge is said to be built to show a warm welcome to emperors visiting Hangzhou, hence the name Gongchen.

Xiaohe Straight Street
How to get there: Take bus No. 1 or 76 to the bus stop of Changzheng Bridge (chang zheng qiao: 长征桥).

Gongchen Bridge
How to get there: Take bus No. 79, 98 or 129 to the bus stop of West Gongchen Bridge (gong chen qiao xi: 拱宸桥西)

Cycling Along Nanshan Road and Ascending Leifeng Pagoda

Leifeng Pagoda
How to get there: Take bus No. 4, 31, 51, 52, 87, 287, 315, 334, 822, Y9, Y2, Y6 or Y9 to the bus stop of Jingci Temple (jing si: 净寺)
Add: No. 15, Nanshan Road, Xihu District (西湖区南山路15号)
From March 16, 2016 to April 30, 2016: 8:00-19:00;
From May 1, 2016 to October 31, 2016: 8:00-20:00;
From November 1, 2016 to March 15, 2017: 8:00-17:30

Orioles Singing in the Willows
How to get there: Take bus No. 4, 12, 31, 42, 51, 102, 133, 271, 287, 822, Y9, Y2, Y6 or Y9 to the bus stop of Qingbo Men (清波门)
Add: No. 85, Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District (上城区南山路85号)

Savoring Tea in Tai Chi Teahouse in Hefang Street

Tai Chi Teahouse
How to get there: Take bus No. 8, 60, 127, 208, or 216 to the bus stop of East Entrance of Gaoyin Street (gao yin jie dong kou: 高银街东口); or take bus No. 25, 35, 51, 108, 187, 212, 327, Y10 or Y8 to the bus stop of Wushan (吴山)
Add: Hefang Street, Shangcheng District (上城区河坊街)

Boating on the West Lake to Enjoy Rose-colored Sunset

How to get there: Take subway line 1 to the stop of Longxiang Bridge (long xiang qiao: 龙翔桥)

China Sigillography Museum

China Sigillography Museum
How to get there: Take bus No. Y10 to the bus stop of Xiling Bridge (西泠桥)
Add: No. 10, Hougushan Road, Xihu District (西湖区后孤山路10号)

Savoring Hangzhou Dishes in Yanxihu Restaurant

Yanxihu Restaurant (宴西湖) is a high-end restaurant created by the famous Hangzhou brand - Grandma’s Kitchen. It is devoted to serving creative Hangzhou dishes.

Add: first floor of Yellow Dragon Hotel, No. 120, Shuguang Road, Xihu District (西湖区曙光路120号黄龙饭店1楼)
Tel: 18969973116
How to get there: Take bus No. 16, 17, 28, 37, 49, 92, 103, 103, 130. 228, 282, 318, 807 or  Y9 to the bus stop of Song Mu Chang (松木场)

Visiting Lingyin Temple for Buddhist Culture and Tea

Lingyin Temple
How to get there: Take bus to the bus stop of Lingyin or East Lingyin (Lingyin Dong: 灵隐东).

Being a Fisherman in Xixi

Xixi National Wetland Park
How to get there:
East Zone of Xixi Wetlands:
1. Take bus No. B4, 193, 356, 381, 506, 596 or J13 (weekends and national holidays only) to the bus stop of Zhoujia Village of Xixi Wetlands (xi xi shi di zhou jia cun: 西溪湿地周家村) to the No. 1 South Entrance of Xixi;
2. Take bus No. 136, 193, 310, 356, 381, 382, J13, 265 or B4 to the bus stop of Gaozhuang of Xixi Wetlands (xi xi shi di gao zhuang: 西溪湿地高庄) to the No. 2 South Entrance of Xixi.

West Zone of Xixi Wetlands:
1. Take bus No. J13 to the bus stop of Hongyuan (洪园) to the Hongyuan Entrance of Xixi (西区洪园入口);
2. Take bus No. 356 or J13 to the bus stop of West Zone of Xixi Wetlands (xi xi shi di xi qu: 西溪湿地西区) or take bus No. 193, 506, 310, 598 or 596 to the bus stop of North Liuxia (liu xia bei: 留下北) to get to the Longshezui Entrance of Xixi wetlands (龙舌嘴入口).
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