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One Cruise, Two Wonders, Half of Hangzhou City 2019-07-16
Starting from April 1st, simply by hopping on one of the two-floor luxurious yachts in the Qiantang River Night Cruise, one then can fully immerse oneself in the enchanting night views of Hangzhou city.

Qiantang River Night Cruise is one of the many unique experiences Hangzhou offers and a must have on one’s to do list while in Hangzhou. Every night at 18:30, yachts depart at Wulinmen wharf and sail southwards to Qiantang River. This one cruise enables passengers to marvel at two wonders – the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal by human beings and Qiantang River by nature, and enjoy night views of half of Hangzhou city standing at the banks of the Grand Canal and Qiantang River. Without bustling crowds and in the moonlight, one can finally fully appreciate the soul of Hangzhou city.

What awaits you during the night cruise:
1. ink-wash-painting-like night views of the Grand Canal;
2. the fun of yachts floating high while water rising during the ship lock release in San Bao Ship Lock (三堡船闸);
3. the avant-garde Qianjiang New City;
4. Fuxing Bridge illuminated by hundreds of lights spanning Qiantang River;
5. night views of the majestic Qiantang River.

Cruise Time: 18:30-21:30
Wulinmen wharf → San Bao Ship Lock → Qianjiang New City → Qiantang River (the section between No. 3 Qianjiang Bridge and No. 4 Qianjiang Bridge) → Wulinmen wharf
Seats on the second floor: 220 RMB per seat;
Seats on the first floor: 150 RMB per seat;
Children of 1.2 m to 1.5 m: half the price;
Children under 1.2 m: free but without seat

Ticket Office at Wulinmen wharf (武林门码头)
Add: No. 208, Huancheng North Road, Xiacheng District (下城区环城北路208号武林门)
How to Get There:
Subway: Take subway line 1 to the stop of Wulin Square and get out from Exit B.
Bus: Take bus No. 126, 206 (night only), 220 or 338 to the bus stop of Ship Wharf (lun chuan ma tou: 轮船码头)
Telephone: 86-571-85190851

# 1 Wulinmen wharf (武林门码头)

Wulinmen wharf is the starting point of the night cruise. Here, one can view West Lake Cultural Square and Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall shining at the banks of the Grand Canal and witness Hangzhou shifting from dusk to night.

#2 San Bao Ship Lock (三堡船闸)

San Bao Ship Lock is the southern end of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and where the Grand Canal meets the Qiantang River. Here, passengers can experience lock release and enjoy the fun of yachts floating high while water rising.

# 3 Qianjiang New City

Qianjiang New City is the new central business center of Hangzhou. Boasting all sorts of avant-garde architecture, the place is even more stunning while illuminated by colorful nights.

# 4 Qiantang River

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Kayaking, Rafting, Swimming Pool Carnival from Day to Night2019-07-15
Qiandao Lake in summer has many to offer and to enjoy the coolness of water in the lake and mountain streams are must-have. We did a thorough research ahead of time and hereby have collected a complete water fun guide of Qiandao Lake for you! Read on to learn more...
Speical Rural Scenic Area Tourist Bus is in Operation2019-07-15
Good News! In order to improve the high-speed railway connection system and promote the construction of scenic areas in the whole region, Qiandao Lake opened its direct tourist buses to rural scenic areas on July 1. That is to say, people who are at the Qiandao Lake High-Speed Railway Station can take these buses directly to such rural scenic areas as the Xiajiang Village Scenic Area, the Shilin Scenic Area and the Jiangjia Scenic Area. These three routes pass through Fengshuling Town, Lishang Township, Shilin Town, Jieshou Village and Jiangjia Town. It will be more convenient for tourists to reach these scenic areas.
No.188, Fuchun Road, Hangzhou, China
TEL: 86-571-96123
FAX: 86-571-96123
Complain: slw@hz.gov.cn
Consult: slw@hz.gov.cn