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Visit Hangzhou and See What Springs Up… 2019-09-19
Also known as the 'International Garden City' Hangzhou blooms with all kinds of flowering plants which always, regardless of the season, entice visitors with their brightly-colored petals and ever so uplifting fragrances. For lovers of all things floral then look at the following guide and see what springs up...


Best Time to View: Late March to April
Best Place to View:

Prince Bay Park

Add: No. 5-1, Nanshan Road (南山路5-1号)
How to Get There: Take bus No. 4, 87, 315, 334, 514b, 822 or Y6 to the bus stop of Su Causeway (su di: 苏堤)

Prince Bay Park is one of the oldest parks in Hangzhou and is a must destination for every visitor to Hangzhou, especially in April when tulips spring up and cherry blossom elegantly extends outwards. Backed by a mountain and facing the West Lake, the park features a wide variety of flowering plants that have elaborately embedded themselves in between lawns, streams and hills as well as amongst couples posing for their wedding photos.

Yulan Magnolia

Best Time to View: Late March to early April
Best Place to View:

1. Hangzhou Flower Nursery

Add: No.14, Xishan Road (西山路14号)
How to Get There: Take bus No. 52, 194, 197 or 318 to the bus stop of Hangzhou Flower Nursery (hang zhou hua pu: 杭州花圃)

Hangzhou Flower Nursery, built in 1956, cultivates all kinds of flowers and plants for foreign affairs, festivals and local daily life. The flower nursery boasts a 5.5 sq m square which is decorated with flowers and a fountain as well as nine traditional sections for potted plants and potted rockeries, Chinese roses, orchids and chrysanthemums.

2. Long Bridge

Add: No. 35, Nanshan Road (南山路35号)

How to Get There: Take bus No. Y2, 51, 52, 87, 31 or 334 to the bus stop of Long Bridge (chang qiao: 长桥)

Even though it is named the Long Bridge it is in fact only 3 meters in length. For its advantageous location one can either sit and view the noted ‘Leifeng Pagoda in Evening Glow’ or stroll along the bridge to feel the love between *Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. The scene is even more poetic with Yulan magnolia in full bloom.

* Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai are protagonists from a Chinese classical folklore – Butterfly Lovers – the Chinese equivalent of Romeo and Juliet. It was, according to legend, on the Long Bridge that the lovers said goodbye to each another.



Best Time to View: Late March to early April
Best Place to View:

Guo's Villa

Ticket: 10 RMB
How to Get There: Take No. 197, 318, 51 or 52 to the bus stop of Guo's Villa (guo zhuang: 郭庄)

Guo's Villa is the only well-preserved ancient private garden in Hangzhou and a typical example of a Jiangnan style garden. This annual orchid exhibition gives visitors the chance to explore a variety of rare orchids in a poetic setting.

Cherry Blossom

Best Time to View: Late March to early April
Best Place to View:

1. Prince Bay Park

2. Hai Huang Xing Eco-park

Add: No. 1 Si Hao Pu Road, Zhoupu Village, Shuangpu Town (双铺镇周浦四号普路1号)

3. Hangzhou Botanical Garden

Add: No. 1, Taoyuanling (桃源岭1号)
How to Get There: Take bus No. 7, 15, 27, 28, 82, 103 or 807 to the bus stop of Hangzhou Botanical Garden (hang zhou zhi wu yuan: 杭州植物园)

Rape Flower

Best Time to View: Late March to Early April
Best Place to View:

Jade Emperor Mountain (玉皇山) or Eight-diagram Field

How to Get There:
1. Take bus No. 42 or 87 to the bus stop of Clouds Scurrying over Jade Emperor Hill (yu huang fei yun: 玉皇飞云)
2. Take bus No. 62, 139, 20 or 42 to the bus stop of Hangzhou Ceramics Market

Here you can choose to either appreciate rape flowers at a close distance in the Eight-diagram Field or have a panoramic view at the top of Jade Emperor Mountain which overlooks this field of gold.
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