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Hangzhou – An ‘All-region Tourism Demonstration Area’ 2019-09-19
On 5 Feb 2016, the China National Tourism Administration revealed the first group of building units known as the ‘All-region Tourism Demonstration Area’, and Hangzhou was one of those to have been announced. All-region Tourism is a new strategy that aims to pull all of the city’s tourism resources together to make businesses and citizens united in building tourism across the city, rather than individually.

There are many reasons that Hangzhou was chosen as one of the ‘Building Units of All-region Tourism Demonstration Area’ and here they are…

#1 Breathtaking Scenery and Livable Environment

Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang Province, one of the seven ancient capitals of China as well as a notable international tourist city. Whilst it is ancient, it is modern and full of cultural landscape and natural attractions too.

Rich in resources and abundant in commodities the city caters to every taste, if you are a lover of fashion then there is Wulin Square where Hangzhou Tower Shopping Mall, Intime Shopping Center and Wulin Women’s Fashion Street will place you in the forefront of fashion; If you like art and nature then the beauty of the West Lake, the galleries along Nanshan Road and the floral masterpieces in Prince’s Bay Park will surely capture your senses and if its modern elements you seek then go to Qianjiang New City to appreciate its avant-garde skyscrapers … Either way, Hangzhou is a maze full of wonder and with so many things on offer you certainly won’t mind getting lost here.

#2 Convenient Transportation

Hangzhou is widely recognized as one of the few big cities with convenient transportation and the situation is only getting better. In the following years Hangzhou plans to make improvements in its subway, buses and inter-city railways.

Hangzhou East Railway Station: Covers nearly 340,000 sq m and is one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia.

Metro: Subway Line 1, 2 and 4 are already in service and the other lines are under-construction and are listed below:

Line 7: Metro Line 7 starts at Wushan Square, and ends in Xiaoshan District and passes Civic Center, Olympic Sports Center and Xiaoshan International Airport.
Line 3 traverses from northern Hangzhou city by way of Hangzhou Downtown to Western Hangzhou City and passes Chengbei Sports Center and Huanglong Sports Center.
Line 8 runs from Xiasha Economical Development Zone to Jiangdong Industrial Park after passing Qiantang River.
Line 9 connects Lingping with Hangzhou Downtown.
Line 10 is estimated to run around the West Lake.

Bus: According to news from the City Management Committee and Hangzhou Public Transport Group, there are 614 bus stop signs in downtown Hangzhou that are currently under improvement, including 100 digital and 514 standard bus stop signs. The renovation project is scheduled to be completed by the end of this April.

Railway: The city has invested 6 billion in constructing the national railway hub - Hangzhou Railway West Station which connects with Hangzhou-Yiwu-Wenzhou High-speed Rail on the south and Shangqiu-Hefei-Hangzhou Railway on the north. They, together, form a new network to connect coastal areas with middle-eastern areas of China. Meanwhile, with the help of Shanghai-Hangzhou railway, Hangzhou West Railway Station offers an alternative for residents in western Hangzhou to get to Shanghai.

# Unique Stay Brought by Hangzhou Inns

Around the West Lake are an assortment of Hangzhou inns which not only benefit from the enchanting scenery of the West Lake but also offer guests a comfortable stay and a chance to experience the local culture and life style.

# Palatable Dishes All Year Round

The city, rich in flavor, offers a wealth of special dishes all year round which are unique to this ever so tasteful city.
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