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Local Culture Embedded in a Natural Landscape 2019-06-10
Hidden in and around the West Lake’s mountains is an assortment of unassuming hotels which not only offer guests an unforgettable and most comfortable stay but also the opportunity to experience local culture embedded in a natural landscape.


West Lake Reclusive Life Villa Hotel

A getaway from bustling urban life, West Lake Reclusive Life Villa Hotel is a second-to-none place when being at one with nature and immersing oneself in Buddhist culture.

Featuring three combined villas which are mainly of New Chinese style trimmed with Tang Dynasty style elements, they directly face Faxi Temple which is only a few steps away. Whether for sightseeing or paying pilgrimage this is most certainly a haven away from home.

In each villa there are two to three suites suitable for family gatherings and besides the bedrooms there is also a fully-equipped living room, dining room, meeting room and Buddhist room as well as a quiet courtyard outside.

When urban life wears you out, let West Lake Reclusive Life Villa provide you with the sweetest holiday experience where your mind can be set free and you can feel the harmony between the human body and nature.

Add: No. 363, Shang Tian Zhu, Xihu District (西湖区上天竺363号)
Tel: 15924157016


Shui An Shan Ju Hotel

Shui An Shan Ju is advantageously located near Xiangshan Mountain and is nestled inside the China Academy of Art, which was designed by a Pritzker Architectural Prize winner. The combination of Xiangshan Mountain’s enchanting scenery and the artistic atmosphere of China’s Academy of Art, bestows this hotel with unique charm.

The architectural style of the hotel and the artistic surroundings complement each other perfectly and also adheres to the designer’s concept of “Nature above architecture” and the most famous stone inscription “Poetic Landscape, Spiritual home.”

As a resort-style hotel with a wealth of facilities, Shui An Shan Ju Hotel also pays great attention to protecting the environment. The architecture, here, is not only extraordinary but also tries its best to stay in harmony with nature and uses materials such as the traditional unvarnished hand-rammed walls known as the “breathing wall”.

The utilization of bamboo makes the rooms both warm in winter and cool in summer and no matter where you step, either inside or out, you will be drawn by all corners of this artistic masterpiece.

Add: No. 352, Xiangshan Road, Zhuantang Block, Xihu District (西湖区转塘街道象山352号)
Tel: 86-571-87200999


Redwood Inn

Although Redwood Inn is located in the busiest area in Qingzhiwu the hotel and its quiet courtyard still manage to offer guests a peaceful environment.

The hotel, situated outside Hangzhou Botanical Garden and surrounded by all kinds of spring blossom, features a combination of Western and traditional Chinese styles and a master chef, who was the administrative chef of a Hangzhou Five-star hotel before he obtained a number of culinary skills from abroad.

So with spring scenery and western dishes on the menu it’s no wonder a large number of foreigners are willing to pay the hotel a visit. Of course, if you want to try something more local, then pay a visit to any one of the many restaurants in Qingzhiwu.

Add: No. 73, Qingzhiwu, West Lake District (西湖区青芝坞73号)
Tel: 15397071687
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Watching Stars and the Moon in Hangzhou's Superb Campsites2019-06-17
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High Time and Great Places to Enjoy the Beauty of Lotus2019-06-17
Breeze-Ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (simplified Chinese: 曲院风荷; pinyin: qu yuan feng he), one of the ten scenic views of West Lake in Southern Song Dynasty, is one of the largest special lotus gardens in China. In the garden are grown over 50 kinds of lotus flowers. Here, you are able to see the spectacular view of “The emerald lotus leaves reach as far as where water and skies meet, and lotus blossoms bathing in sunshine exhibit a distinctive dazzling pink”, which is vividly depicted in a renowned Chinese poem.
No.188, Fuchun Road, Hangzhou, China
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