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Discounts to be Enjoyed during Chinese New Year 2019-09-19
During Chinese New Year many of Hangzhou's hotels and scenic areas will be offering its residents and foreign friends a discount, so if you wish to culturally and stylishly welcome in the Chinese New Year then join in this year’s spirit by having fun and checking out the many discounted venues below.

Scenic Areas

West Lake Scenic Area

Discount: 23 % off


Joint Ticket to Hangzhou Zoo, Hangzhou Underwater World and Children's Park

Price: Now 118 RMB - originally 155 RMB

Tel: 400-878-0011

Xixi National Wetland Park

Discount: 10 % off


Six-person package for Praying for Fortune or Viewing Plum Blossom

Price: Now 850 RMB – originally 940 RMB

Tel: 86-571-88106688/6696

Wushan Hill Scenic Area

Discount: From 50 % off


1. Tea tasting package for two (includes two tickets, two cups of tea and three varieties of snack)

Price: Now 98 RMB - originally 138 RMB

2. Tea tasting package for three (includes three tickets, three cups of tea and three varieties of snack as well as three bowls of West Lake Lotus Root Starch and three pieces of Wushan Hill Crispy Cake and one fruit platter)

Price: Now 138 RMB - originally 253 RMB

3. Three-person Family Package (including tickets, tea and meals)

Price: Now 398 RMB - originally 527 RMB and only available for lunch

4. West Lake Lotus Root Starch

Price: Now 5 RMB per bowl - originally 10 RMB per bowl

Tel: 86-571-87830757

Grand Canal Scenic Area

Discount: 20 % off


Hangzhou Grand Canal Night Cruise and One-day Tangqi Ancient Town Boat Travel

Price: 20 % off boat ticket

Tel: 86-571-85021237/85190851

Yellow Dragon Scenic Area

Discount: 20 % off

Details: 20% off for enjoying tea in Xiyuan Teahouse (禧园茶室) from Feb. 1 to Feb. 29

Tel: 86-571-87972468

Pagoda of Six Harmonies

Discount: 10 % off


1. Package for two people (includes admission fee, fee for ascending the Pagoda and two articles essential for praying for fortune for each person)

Price: Now 67.5 RMB - originally 75 RMB

2. Two-parent and one-child family package (admission fee, fee for ascending the Pagoda and five articles essential for praying for fortune for each person)

Price: Now 85.5 RMB - originally 95 RMB

Tel: 86-571-86591364

Hangzhou Orient Culture Park

Discount: 12 % off


Price: Now 100 RMB per person - originally 128 RMB per person

Tel: 86-571-8233886-72

Hangzhou Crazy Appleland

Discount: 33 % off


Joint ticket: Now 240 RMB - originally 358 RMB

Tel: 86-571-82880333

Mt. Yong'an China Gliding Parachute Training Base

Discount: From 20 % off


Price for team: Now 120 per person per day - originally 240 RMB per person per day

Price for individuals: 20 % off

Price for extreme sport: 680 RMB per person per time

Tel: 86-571-63326348

Longmen Ancient Town

Discount: On Valentine's Day every couple can buy two for the price of one.

Tel: 86-571-63506192

Thousand-islet Lake, Chun'an

Discount: free to 50 % off


Requires no admission fee from Feb. 5 to Feb. 9 and 50 % off for admission fee for southeastern lake area from Feb. 10 to 22

Tel: 4008811988


The Dragon Hotel

Discount: from 70 % off


1. Business Gift Package

Price: Now 1688 RMB - originally 4163 RMB

2. Two-person Family Gift Package

Price: Now 2988 RMB - originally 8096 RMB


Wuyang International Hotel, Wuyang Star Hotels Jianguo Branch and Xinhua Branch

Discount: From 60 % off


1. Wuyang International Hotel

60 % off guestrooms (breakfast for two is included)

26 % off dinner in the cafeteria

12 % off a meal in the Chinese restaurant (drinks are not included)

2. Wuyang Star Hotel - Jianguo Branch

55 % off guestrooms (breakfast for two is included)

3. Wuyang Star- Xinhua Branch

60 % off guestrooms

Tel: 86-571-87218888-82609

Haiwaihai Crown Hotel

Discount: 45 % off


50 % off dinner in the cafeteria - FullCafe (service fee is not included)

Price: 122.2 RMB per person

Tel: 86-571-88168888-8866

Haiwaihai International Hotel

Discount: 65 % off


65 % off its retail price for standard rooms and queen bed rooms

Price: from 268 RMB

Tel: 86-571-88176666-8227

Hangzhou Communication Business Hotel

Discount: 45 % off

Details: 45 % off guestrooms

Price: 268 RMB per room

Tel: 86-571-88319888-51

Hangzhou Zhijiang Hotel

Discount: 55 % off

Tel: 86-571-88066888-3000

The First World Hotel

Discount: 63 % off


63 % off couples 'hot spring' package

Price: Now 828 RMB - originally 2202 RMB

Tel: 86-571-83866666
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