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A Warm Sail Through Winter… 2019-06-10
This winter the Thousand-islet Lake is promoting two leisure cruise routes both of which have already created a whirl of attention. Whether it’s a company cruise for those wanting to reward their employees or a celebratory cruise for family members welcoming in the Spring Festival – either way taking a cruise of the Thousand-islet Lake is one of the warmest and most memorable ways of sailing you through winter.

City Lake Cruise: Taste Teas, Foods and Enjoy Night Scenery

City Lake (城中湖) is located in the center of Thousand-Islet Lake city and offers a leisure cruise themed on tea.

Every day from 09:00 to 15:00 tourists can buy tickets at City Lake Ticket Office where they will be taken on a tasteful journey experiencing local high-quality teas, appreciating verdant and luscious scenery as well as listening to explanations of cultural and historical sites along the way.

Late in the afternoon try hopping aboard a painted pleasure boat where, set among exquisite night views, you can experience at first hand a number of freshly caught local delicacies. A Chinese chef will cook specialties from Thousand-Islet Lake – 'Boat Dishes created by *Fishermen of Nine Surnames', appetizing fish head soup, local chicken pot and braised pork etc. In addition to the delicious food, tourists can request folk music and tea art performances to lighten up the night. 

*Fishermen of Nine Surnames were ancient fishermen who were banished from the land but who developed their own unique culture and in doing so made the list of one of Zhejiang’s intangible culture heritages.

Center Lake Leisure Cruise: Enjoy Shows, Hold Banquet and Enjoy Spring Festival

With the Spring Festival fast approaching, two ships named Thousand-Islet Lake Tour Star (千旅之星) and Dream (梦想号) have begun to accept bookings and family reunion dinner reservations. In fact several large ships with a capacity of 100 guests, 260 guests and 320 guests are at your service and with professional stage and sound equipment these ships can also provide customized artistic performances meeting the demands for company end-of-year parties and family vacations.

The Dream No. 2, which will take its maiden voyage on the second day of Chinese New Year (Feb. 9), is a giant ship that over four floors covers a great range of facilities. The first floor is devoted to a multi-function hall where Chinese-style dinner parties, medium-sized meetings, music party and performances can be held. The second and third floors are for private rooms while the deck on the fourth is where sunshine, fresh air and breathtaking views can all be enjoyed.

This Spring Festival, invite some friends and gather your family members, together soak up the party atmosphere and spend a delightful Chinese New Year vacation in Thousand Island Lake.
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Watching Stars and the Moon in Hangzhou's Superb Campsites2019-06-17
Now is a good time to go camping. We have made a list of great campsites around Hangzhou for you to choose from.
High Time and Great Places to Enjoy the Beauty of Lotus2019-06-17
Breeze-Ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (simplified Chinese: 曲院风荷; pinyin: qu yuan feng he), one of the ten scenic views of West Lake in Southern Song Dynasty, is one of the largest special lotus gardens in China. In the garden are grown over 50 kinds of lotus flowers. Here, you are able to see the spectacular view of “The emerald lotus leaves reach as far as where water and skies meet, and lotus blossoms bathing in sunshine exhibit a distinctive dazzling pink”, which is vividly depicted in a renowned Chinese poem.
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