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Yunman – A Tropical Rain Forest Hot Spring Experience 2020-04-05
Yunman (云曼) Hot Spring is situated inside the First World Hotel, near Hangzhou Paradise and Hangzhou Crazy Appleland in Xiaoshan District. The hot spring creatively incorporates elements of hot spring, leisure and travel, aiming to bring its customers an unrivaled hot spring experience right at Hangzhou’s doorstep.

Yunman Hot Spring is of bicarbonate type containing radon and 13 other micro elements essential to the health of the human body. Hot springs containing radon element are widely known for benefiting blood circulation which in turn helps people keep fit, relaxed and fixes skin problems.

Catering to every kind of need, Yunman provides four distinct kinds of hot spring enjoying experiences in its four zones, a total of 33 pools. The four are, Rain Forest Bubble Hot Spring (雨林气泡泉), Yuantang Tribe (原汤部落), Xiangju Flower House (湘居花舍), Tianzhu Thatched Cottage (天竺草堂).

Among the four, Rain Forest Bubble Hot Spring is the largest and over there people can enjoy a bubble hot spring and massage etc. In Xiangju Flower House, besides the beneficial micro elements, hot springs also contain substances made from over a hundred flowers, which then help in enhancing the beauty of ladies who come to use these springs. For gentlemen, a bath enjoyed in Tianzhu Thatched Cottage where pools contain herbal medicines is surely an enjoyable way to keep fit.

Different from the abovementioned three, Yuantang Tribe features pure hot springs without any additional functions or substances added in. It focuses only on the special functions of hot springs by themselves.

In addition to that, there are two more pools worth mentioning, which are the Dead Sea – drifting pool and Fish Spa Pool. For those wanting to explore, don’t miss the Dead Sea – drifting pool. Drifting on the azure, crystal-clear water, one can stretch their body and enjoy the unique feeling of drifting along with the water. In the fish spa pool, hot spring fish from Turkey can help you get rid of layers of dead skin on your body, clean clogged pores and reduce bacteria while enjoying the warmth of the hot spring.

In addition to the above, exotic performances from the middle east will take your hot spring enjoying experience a step further.
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