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Xmas Mass in Hangzhou 2019-07-16
Churches in Hangzhou are already busy working out Christmas service schedules and listed below are the details of some of these, all of which offer you a better insight into choosing the right sanctuary for your Xmas mass.

Sicheng Christian Church (思澄堂)

Having been erected on Hangzhou’s grounds for eighty years, Sicheng Christian Church is the only ancient protestant church in Hangzhou and is the largest of its kind in Hangzhou’s history.

It incorporates both western elements and Chinese-style architecture into its design. Dove-tail eaves and Zhizhai windows (also known as hung and remove windows consist of two parts, the upper part can be hung up for ventilation, while the lower part can be removed to allow more light in.) which are most commonly seen in Chinese garden designs are key features of this uniquely designed Chinese church.

Dating back to the eighth year of Xianfeng’s reign of the Qing Dynasty (1858), the ancient church witnessed and played a significant role in Hangzhou’s history. When the Japanese invaded Hangzhou, it served as a refuge shelter for the Hangzhounese and then was later transformed in 1945 by the Japanese to the ‘Sino-Japan Culture Hall’. During the period of Chinese Cultural Revolution, the church was occupied by the Hangzhou Library and it is not until 1981, after the religion policy in China was settled, that the church was given back and has since become one of the most important churches in Hangzhou.

Timeline for Xmas Mass
Dec. 24
19:00 Poem Recitation by the Choirs
Sermon by Priest Jiangmei (江梅牧师) 

Dec 25
08:30 Christmas Worship
Sermon by Priest Yu Dechuan (余德川牧师)

09:15 Christmas Art Performances
19:00 Poem Recitation by the Choirs
Sermon by Priest Zhang Xiaofa (张效法牧师)

Tickets: free
Add: No.132, Jiefang Road, Hangzhou (解放路132号)
Tel: 86-571-87024262
Traffic: Take bus No. B3, 92, 49, 305, 591 and 251 to the bus stop of Zhe’er Yiyuan (Zhe’er Hospital 浙二医院)

Chongyi Church (崇一堂)

Chongyi Church is the largest Chinese church in the world and can accommodate 5,500 people at one time.

Chongyi Church, now located in Xintang Road, was designed and rebuilt in 2005 by Christians. The design of the architecture abandons all unnecessary decorations and differs from the traditional cross-shaped plane of most churches. The main hall of Chongyi Church creatively applies the design of a fan-shape with a raised ceiling and no columns but gives the congregation the best in audio and visual effects.

Timeline for Xmas Mass
Dec. 24
18:15-20:15 & 21:00-23:00 ‘Jesus at the Stable’ Evangelization Gathering

Date: Dec. 25
18:45-21:00 ‘Jesus at the Stable’ Worship of Ecclesiastical Music

Ticket: Free
Add: No. 26, Xintang Road, Hangzhou (杭州市新塘路26号)
Tel: 86-571-86961163
Traffic: Take bus No. 84 to the bus stop of Qingchun Square (庆春广场) or bus No. 323, 156, 140 to the bus stop of East of Qingchun Square.

Chengbei Christian Church (城北堂)

Chengbei Christian Church was originally founded in 1881 by the American South Presbyterian Church and was later reconstructed, in 2000, beside Desheng Bridge (德胜桥) at the banks of the Grand Canal.

The new Chengbei Christian Church covers an area of 1350 sq meters and with its façade decorated by four eight-meter-high ceiling-to-floor windows of strong religious flavor, the church shines brightly along the majestic Grand Canal and warmly welcomes you to Christmas Mass.

Timeline for Xmas Mass
Dec. 24
19:00 - 21:00 Worship of Ecclesiastical Music 

Dec. 25
8:30 - 10:30 Christmas Thanksgiving Gathering
19:00 - 21:00 Evangelism Gathering at Christ Night

Ticket: Free
Add: No. 26, Xintang Road, Hangzhou (杭州市新塘路26号)
Tel: 86-571-88380414/88386214
Traffic: Take bus No. 151, 67 to the bus stop of Mishi Lane (米市巷) or bus No. 41, 36 to the bus stop of Yiqing Xincun (一清新村).
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