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Heavenly Hangzhou - Start by Visiting Three Destinations 2019-06-24
Hangzhou, a city heavenly in natural landscape, profound cultural and historical heritage, has been selected, by Forbes, as one of ‘the best commercial cities in the globe’. It also continues, this year, to be included on the list as ‘The Happiest City in China’.

With two UNESCO world heritage sites, West Lake and Grand Canal, residing inside the city along with the 10 sq km Xixi National Wetland Park, 5.95 sq km Xianghu Lake and the majestic Qiantang River, experiencing Hangzhou has never been so heavenly.

To witness this city’s alluring charm then start by visiting the following three destinations:

West Lake

Since ancient times, Hangzhou’s West Lake has been the city’s byword and if Hangzhou is known as the heaven, then the West Lake is its brightest star. The list of things to do around the West Lake is endless but to begin with why not start by cruising the lake just as ancient scholars used to or cycle along Su Causeway and Bai Causeway and then visit temples and immerse yourself in the profound Buddhism culture. Relishing Hangzhou dishes in the lakeside ‘old-brand’ restaurant while soaking up the breath-taking scenery of one of the top ten views of the West Lake or simply sipping a cup of Longjing Green Tea in one of the many teahouses will also make your first encounters with Hangzhou truly unforgettable.

Grand Canal

The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal is the longest and oldest canal in Chinese history and it is recognized world-wide as one of the three greatest projects in ancient China along with the Great Wall in Beijing and The Karez System in China’s Xinjiang Region. Commercially and culturally it continues to be an essential link that connects the south to the north.

During the day the Grand Canal is impressive but even more so at night where it becomes illuminated by modern highlights such as hanging red lanterns, high-rise buildings decorated by colorful lights and the light show ‘City•People•Light’ designed by the world-class light artist - Roger Narboni.
You can take a water bus and leisurely glide down the canal or choose to make a stop every once in a while, either way discovering a canal overflowing in treasures such as the China Fan Museum, China Knife, Scissors and Sword Museum, Xinyifang Food Street and Gongchen Bridge, is a blissful way to get to know Heavenly Hangzhou. 


Due to its popularity the historic block is, at most times, awash with people but nevertheless it is still worth your visit and every second spent here is rewarding. The historic block serves many purposes as it is an epitome of the old Hangzhounese life style, the showplace of Chinese folk art as well as a souvenir street and snack street.

To get a glimpse of what Hangzhou life was like in the olden days then look out for the nine walls located south of the historic block on the Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Street. Adorned with old-style bicycles, stairs, mirrors, stoves and old-fashioned movie players these walls, along with local storytellers, can depict a tale or two from the past.

If you are looking for some souvenirs then you are also in the right place as lining orderly along Hefang Walking Street are souvenir shops, silk shops (Hangzhou is the hometown of silk), Hangzhou old-brands like Wang Xing Ji Fan Shop, Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors, Hu Qing Yu Tang Pharmacy and Fang Hui Chun Tang Pharmacy.

If you are folk art lovers then you will marvel at the great variety of unique Chinese crafts, ranging from hand-blown sugar candy to paper-cutting and hand-made dough figurines. The Zhu Bingren Bronze Art Museum on Hefang Walking Street, boasting an assortment of exquisite bronze sculptures, is also a shining example of one of China’s exquisite crafts.

Finally for foodies, and only a stone’s throw away, Gaoyin Food Street has finely decorated restaurants with reasonable prices and Drum Tower Snack Street is packed with food stalls serving palatable snacks.
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