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Exhibitions to Enlighten the Mind, Body and Soul 2019-01-02
November 30 marks the closing date of two of Hangzhou’s most impressive exhibitions, so if you haven’t made it yet then this weekend may be the last chance for you to enlighten your mind, body and soul.

Bodies Tour Exhibition

‘Bodies’is one of the few exhibitions to have enjoyed international popularity. For the last ten years it has been held in 36 countries and 110 cities, with its visitors totaling 40 million. Furthermore it was selected, by the New York Times, as one of the ‘Ten Most-Worth Visiting Cultural Projects in New York’.

Combining science, exploration, education, medical knowledge, interactive activities and child-parent activities, the exhibition offers you a close encounter with the human body where 154 exhibits about human body and organs can be found.

It is in this exhibition that you can find a preserved specimen of a real human body which has used one of the most advanced technologies in the world. The specimen can be touched, has no pungent smell and can be preserved for over a thousand years. You can also see a model of a nervous system that has been separated from the human body and which took 20 scientists three years to build and in the interactive zone you can inspect, at close hand, models of human organs.

Venue: Zhejiang Science and Technology Museum (浙江省科技馆)

Address: West Lake Cultural Plaza, No.581 North Zhongshan Road (中山北路581号西湖文化广场)

Tickets: 80 RMB per person

European Artists’ Prints

20th Century European Artists’ Prints Exhibition also closing in Hangzhou on November 30 features 20 works of seven symbolic artists of the 20th century. The displayed works of artists like Pablo Ruiz Picasso are created through techniques such as etching, screen printing and woodcutting.

Venue: Jincai Gallery (金彩画廊)

Address: No. 37, Yan’an Road (延安路37号金彩画廊)
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