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Wondrous West Lake Panorama at Museum 2019-09-19
On Nanshan Road and inside the Orioles Singing in Willows, one of the top ten views of Hangzhou, resides the West Lake Museum and even though this is the youngest of the museums to erect at the banks of the West Lake it does, however, inform you on all you need to know about Hangzhou’s world renowned and wondrous lake.

It is in this museum that an exhibition, featuring over 300 pieces of West Lake-related historical relics, will be on view until 6 January 2016. In the exhibition visitors are able to see West Lake bronze ware, West Lake brocade, historical documents and art works themed on West Lake which include drafts of poems, calligraphy works, stele inscriptions, postcards and old photos, all of which have been donated by the people of Hangzhou.

Brief Introduction

Officially open to the public on 1 October 2005 the West Lake museum now welcomes its tenth birthday. During these past ten years the museum has and continues to do a great job in guiding visitors to know more about the West Lake, from history and culture to geography and touristic resources. The mission of the West Lake Museum is to offer a channel for the world to know all about the West Lake and to spread its historical value.

Inside the museum a sand table reflecting the panoramic view of West Lake is set to the proportions of 1:600 meters and from which one can clearly perceive the unique layout of the West Lake which is surrounded by mountains on three sides and by the city of Hangzhou on the fourth, with two causeways dividing it into five small ones and three artificial islets scattering in the central area of the lake.

Materials such as pictures, illustrations, large-size digital screens and a 3-dimensional theater are used to highlight the value of the West Lake as a UNESCO world heritage site, which focus on the lake’s dredging in different dynasties, its natural landscape, layout and the evolution of the ‘Top Ten Views of the West Lake’ as well as historical and cultural relics. Such historical relics include ceramics, calligraphy works, old books and manuscripts.

Today the West Lake Museum has become a center of west lake culture, display, study, documentation and tourism and it is the unique platform and window through which the past, present and future are easily accessible.

Venue: No. 89 Nanshan Road

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