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Take a Hot Dip with Nature 2019-01-02
Even though the weather is not freezing the outside temperature is, however, beginning to drop quite sharply and therefore healthy measures need to be taken. Taking a winter tonic during the cold days, to preserve one’s health, is known as one of the best ways to prevent the cold but, in addition to that, taking a hot dip with nature and enjoying anyone of the country’s sensational springs is a healthy option too.

In Hangzhou the best place to soak up the hot spring experience is arguably in Tuankou Zhong’an Radon Hot Spring (湍口众安氡温泉), which is noted for its ancient history and picture-postcard scenery. Tuankou Hot Spring, according to the county records of Changhua (昌化), dates back to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and after one thousand years of hibernation it now fully steams ahead and presents itself to the world with a brand-new appearance and heavenly hot spring experience.

The temperature of the hot spring in Tuankou is as high as 47 degree centigrade and according to an inspection report by Zhejiang Provincial Geology Survey Institute, besides ordinary elements, Tuankou Hot Spring also contains micro elements such as radium, fluorine and radon, the latter, in minute quantities, is supposed to be good for the heart, blood vessels, nervous system and skin complaints.

Built on the base of the hot spring is an 18 000 sq m hot spring center which is currently one of the largest in eastern China and featuring Balinese styles it is equipped with 17 indoor hot spring pools and 30 outdoor hot spring pools with special functions. In addition to this there are eight spots inside thatched cottages. Shimmering like stars through the thatched cottage style exterior, the 30 outdoor hot spring pools are the real highlight and, separated from each other by rocks, they are a heavenly way to enjoy some inner peace and privacy.

Furthermore, you can also immerse yourself in Chinese-style massage, foot massage, films, indoor badminton, ping pong and billiards as well as feast on an extensive buffet.

If you have a thing for hot spring, then dip into one of Tuankou Zhong’an Radon’s Hot Spring pools and naturally sooth your mind, body and soul.
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