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Hangzhou's 'Winter Begins' 2019-09-19
On Nov.8 we welcomed ‘Winter Begins’ – one of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar which signals the weather is progressively getting colder. However, there is no need to let the cold put you off as throughout this Oriental Leisure City there are, regardless of the weather, a number of fun activities for all the family.

2015 Thousand-islet Lake Marathon

On November 29, in Thousand-islet Lake, there will be a fun gathering for running enthusiasts where both legs and limits will be stretched. What is most appealing about the event is that the route, 42.195 km in length, is carefully arranged along the picture-postcard lake, which starts from Xiushui Square (秀水广场), passing by Lvyou Wharf (旅游码头) and then circling back to Xiushui Square again.

The Thousand-islet Lake Marathon offers two types of marathon one full-length marathon and one mini marathon for all the family. Over 6000 people are expected to be participating, 5000 of which will engage in the full-length version.

The route passes the core scenic area of the Thousand-islet Lake and with the accompaniment of fresh air, shimmering lucid waters and verdant hilly mountains nearby, those who take part will be on the right track to becoming healthy and fit.

Time: November 29

Venue: Thousand-islet Lake Scenic Area, Chun’an County

Hangzhou Safari World – A Carnival of Creatures

Every weekend, from now until the end of November, visitors in Hangzhou Safari World will be greeted by a number of new furry faces and will also be able to witness a carnival of creatures residing happily together.

Crested ibis

Crested ibis, one of the four treasured animals of China, will now take residency in the safari world, a South American tapir will neighbor the Malayan Tapir - the national treasure of Malaysia and the very first South China Tiger in Zhejiang Province gets ready to celebrate its one month birthday.

South China Tiger

Other scenes not to be missed are the black and white tigers lovingly being nurtured by a dog and the crab-eating macaques - cheeky monkeys who can be seen to be sucking their thumbs while feeding themselves through baby bottles.

A day spent here and it will be hard not to fall in love with these cute and colorful creatures and what’s more is that Hangzhou Safari World always guarantees a roaring day out for every member of the family.

Time: Until the end of November

Venue: No. 1, Jiulong Avenue, Hangfu Road, Fuyang District (富阳区杭富路九龙大道1号杭州野生动物世界)
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