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Hunt for Local Flavors in Hefang Street 2019-07-16
The historic Hefang Street, located at the foot of the scenic Wu Hill of southern Hangzhou and quite close to the famous West Lake, overflows with culture in an urban setting. As one of the best preserved urban areas of ancient Hangzhou, Hefang Street is a snapshot of the city's history.

Today it is still a prosperous marketplace and a popular tourist attraction. Known also as a snack street for the diverse food it serves, Hefang Street clearly is the right place to hunt for local flavors.

1.   Dingsheng Cake定胜糕

Dingsheng Cake is a reddish fluffy cake, tasting glutinous and sweet, which is prepared from rice powder mixed with fruit jam. The inside of the cake is stuffed with red bean paste (a dark red, sweet bean paste), which contributes to the color of the cake. The oven-fresh Dingsheng Cake is really delicious.

Average price: 3CNY per person
Add: No.236, Hefang Street (near to Wu Hill Square)

2.   Qianweidou千味豆

Qianweidou is literally means beans with a thousand of flavors. Bean curd is nutritious, soft and tender and liked by lots of people. In a cold morning, nourishing soybean milk is always a must-to-drink to warm stomach. Having a bowl of sweet bean flower, made from red bean, mung bean, sweet corn and sago, or salty bean flower, together with hot steamed bun is so nice.

Average price:  8CNY per person
Add: No. 467-1, Hefang Street (near to the Orioles Singing in the Willows park)

3.   Mutton Soup Restaurant羊汤饭店

It is a time honored restaurant in Hangzhou. Mutton is one of the best foods in winter. According to traditional Chinese medicine, mutton can improve the body immunity and is helpful for keeping warm. So in chilly day, go and try its delicious mutton stuffed Shao Mai (a kind of steamed dumpling), together with mutton soup to warm your appetite.

Average price:  31CNY per person
Add: No.64, Zhongshan Road(M)

4.   Cong Bao Hui葱包烩

Cong Bao Hui is a local snack known to all households of Hangzhou. It’s a kind of pancake wrapped with Youtiao and shallots, and served with sweet sauce or spicy sauce. The food stall is a little bit difficult to find, so you have to hunt carefully.

Average price: 2CNY per person
Add: in front of Gaoyin Street Primary School, Houshijie Street (Huimin Road)

5.   Di Ying Zhai笛莺斋

Although many food shops sell peanut crisps in Hefang Street, Di Ying Zhai’s peanut crisps and osmanthus cakes are the best.10 yuan a box is very affordable.

Average price: 10CNY per person
Add: No.204, Hefang Street 

6.   Zhi Wei Guan知味观

It is also a time honored restaurant in Hangzhou and serves most of local snacks such as Pian’er Chuan Noodle, Cat’s Ear and Honey Lotus Root Stuffed with Glutinous Rice.

Average price: 33CNY per person
Add: No.278, Hefang Street

7.   Zhuang Yuan Guan状元馆

It is another time honored restaurant located in Hefang Street. Pian’er Chuan and Noodles with Quick-fried Eel Shreds and Shelled Shrimps are must-to-order. Moreover, many famous Hangzhou cuisines are available including West Lake Carp in Sweet and Sour Source, Sister Song’s Fish Broth and Qian Long Fish Head.

Average price: 40CNY per person
Add: No.85, Hefang Street

8.   Xin Feng Snacks新丰小吃

It is a very popular chain store in Hangzhou. Many citizens like to have breakfast here. Steamed buns, dumplings, wonton and red bean porridge are quite delicious and cheap.

Average price: 11CNY per person
Add: No.35, Zhonghe Road (M.) (close to Gaoyin Street)

9.   Snacks at Wu Hill Square

The crowded square is filled with people and of course snacks. Beggar’s Chicken, beef kebabs, pork fillet kebabs, fried rice, chicken wings rice, fermented bean curd, Sichuan noodles with peppery sauce, cold rice noodles, amongst many others.

Average price: 42CNY per person
Add: Wu Hill Square

10.   Southern Song Imperial Street

The Imperial Street is very famous not only for its cultural and historic value but also for its prosperity as a night market. Basically from 17: 00 to 18:00, various stalls set up along the street. When various foods gather here, it is time to hunt for local flavors.

Average price: 41CNY per person
Add: Zhongshan Road (S.) (close to Drum Tower)

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