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Hangzhou’s 7 Scenery Roads 2019-04-01
Hangzhou, listed as one of the Happiest Cities in China for nine years, boasts abundant tourism resources. Almost everywhere in the city, you can see picturesque scenery. With nice weather, a walk may be the best way to appreciate this touristic city. With friends or your beloved, try the 7 scenery roads as followed. 
Beishan Road北山路

When it comes to Hangzhou’s scenery roads, Beishan Road can never be ignored. With verdant hills, long standing villas, museums and the picturesque West Lake, the road is always charming whatever the seasons.

Start from Broken Bridge, end at Yang Gong Causeway, as long as 3km.

Now it is late autumn. Plane trees alongside the road have turned golden.


Nanshan Road南山路


Nanshan Road, another picturesque road, faces the calm West Lake, lined by old houses, cafés, with thick cultural atmosphere. With the breeze blowing, the golden leaves fall to earth.

At dusk, the Leifeng Pagoda glows in the distance. Sometimes you can hear the evening bell ringing at Nanping Hill.

Wandering along the road, you may meet with Orioles Singing in the Willows Park and Temple to King Qians.

Yang Gong Causeway杨公堤


As one of the famous three causeways around West Lake, Yang Gong Causeway is also a romantic road suitable for cycling and walk.

There are scenic spots like “Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden (曲院风荷)”, Gold Sand Harbor (金沙港), Maojiabu Scenic Area (茅家埠风景区) and“Viewing Fish at Flower Pond (花港观鱼)”. In autumn, golden trees add charm to the road.


Lingyin Road灵隐路


According to Buddhist tests, the chinaberry tree is also called tree of Buddha. Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism was said to realize the truth of philosophic theory under the tree of Buddha. And his prayer beads were from the chinaberry tree. The chinaberry tree is tall with long thin leaves, which become golden in autumn.

About 2-3km long the road is lined by chinaberry trees. In the usual, Lingying road is not crowded with vehicles. So it is very suitable for cycling and hiking.

Shuguang Road曙光路


From Zhejiang Library to the intersection of Baochu Road is the most featured section of Shuguang Road. About 5-6m high plane trees shade the road. Walk, hiking and shopping are accessible. There are featured shops, library, supermarket and gyms.

Wansongling Road万松岭路


It is a characteristic cultural road that extends and revitalizes the special cultural system and architectural style of “imperial site”. Wansongling Road is 1800 meters long and 12.5 meters wide and starts from the intersection of Nanshan Road and ends at Zhongshan Road (S).

It is lined by Zhejiang Art Museum, Wansong Academy, provincial revolutionary martyr's monument, Hangzhou cadre's sanitarium of navy etc.

Longjing Road龙井路


Longjing Road in autumn is colorful. Silently lying among hills, it is accompanied by water, 18 imperial tea trees and a long history. It is home to famous West Lake Longjing Tea.

Whether driving, cycling or walking the maple trees, ginkgo and surroundings at the road side bring you into a colorful oil painting world.



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