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Hangzhou Tour - Purify Mind and Body 2019-06-24
Here close to the West Lake and far away from the hustle and bustle, you can slow down and enjoy the quietness and the peace. Hangzhou offers you the right places to purify mind and body.

Four-eyed Well

Four-eyed Well is the oldest well with four openings in Hangzhou. More than 200 years old, the well is not far away from Hangzhou Zoo. Water is still gurgling in its eyes. With the passage of time, the well may be an elapsed spot whilst flowing forever in the heart of Hangzhounese.

Accompanied by water, well and pavilion, walk along a slope and into a village where many youth hostels and bed and breakfasts are located. Maybe you can find one to your taste at http://www.hzminsu.cn (Hangzhou Bed & Breakfast Website). 

Beishan Road

Perhaps, most people prefer Beishan Road to any other scenery roads in the city. Here you see a different West Lake whether in daytime or at night. Stretching along the bank of West Lake, and at over 3,000 m in length, the road is lined by flourishing trees and dotted with somewhere by various featured buildings.

It is known to all that most of the city’s attractions are crowded especially at weekends and holidays. So choose the right time to experience your lazy and slow time.

Usually in the evening, tables and chairs are well arranged towards the lake. Big umbrellas provide shelter from rain. Tea and desserts are served. Various lights are lighting. Pleasure boats slowly fade away from sights. Everything may be simple but sweet.  

Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi

Get off the bus, a pavilion beside the road named Sanju Pavilion (Chinese: 三聚亭) is where the Bamboo-Line Path at Yunqi starts. Passing by the pavilion, a sea of verdant bamboos comes into view. The breeze seems to come from the depths of the bamboo grove. Wandering into the grove and closing your eyes, you can hear the dancing of leaves and streams, and feel at one with nature. 

The bamboo-lined path starts at the stone memorial gateway and ends at the Pool for Freeing Captive Fish that lies before the Yunqi Temple. Paved with slab stones in the middle and lined with bizarre rocks on both sides, the present path is a reproduction of the original path of the Qing Dynasty.

Lingyin Temples & Three Tianzhu Temples

Lingyin Temple may be the most renowned while the Upper Tianzhu Temple, also named Faxi Temple, is the real pure place for paying respect for Buddha.

There are three temples located in Tianzhu Hill – the Upper, Middle and Lower Tianzhu Temples, which are not far away from Lingyin Temple. 

Surrounding the West Lake, Tianzhu Mountain is 455 meters high. It was said the name of Faxi Temple was given by Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty. The Upper Tianzhu Temple was built in the 10th century and was home to Chinese Guanyin in White. In the serene and peaceful atmosphere, pay respect to Buddha, purify the mind and body. The free and easy moment is what we need.

Enjoy Tea at Meijiawu Village

Meijiawu Village is absolutely the right place to enjoy West Lake Longjing Tea. Light tea scent leads to endless aftertastes.

Meijiawu Villege is the major producing place for Hangzhou Longjing Tea. Every April and May tea trees sprout and the busiest period comes. Longjing Tea leaves need manual collection and the best are tender shoots.

Here is where to purify the mind and body.

Song Dynasty Town (Song Cheng)

“Give us one day, we'll give you one thousand years!” is the special slogan of Song Dynasty Town. The largest theme park of Song Culture in China reproduces a legendary history. Romance of the Song Dynasty, a panoramic-style indoor show, tells the over-thousand-year history, telling legends of the White Snake (白蛇传) and the Butterfly Lovers (梁山伯与祝英台).

The two hours wonderful show enables a feeling of traveling through times.

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