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Liangzhu Museum 2019-07-16
Located on the outskirts of Hangzhou Liangzhu Museum, established in 1994, dedicates itself to displaying the ‘Liangzhu Culture’, an influential school of ancient Chinese culture that prevailed at the lower reaches of the Yangtze River in the late Neolithic Period around 4,000 to 5,300 years ago. Set against rustic surroundings this museum harmoniously blends itself into its surroundings and with a number of rich collections has often been compared to a ‘treasure trove’.

The museum mainly serves as a testament to the fact that China has a history and civilization of at least 5000 years and with a number of innovative and technological displays, the museum actively aids the way for visitors to watch, touch, play and learn all about one of China’s magnificent ancient cultures.

The museum has three exhibition halls, namely, ‘Discovery’, ‘Liangzhu Ancient Town’ and ‘Liangzhu Civilization’ with one section in the first hall serving as an introduction and one in the third hall as the exit.

Introduction Hall

From the museum’s entrance hall a bridge leads you into a large yard named Yucong (Jade Cong) where an information center and introduction hall can be found. In the introduction hall illustrations, projections and models are used to show visitors a panoramic view of Hangzhou’s development and here visitors are also able to witness, at first hand, a group of exquisite Liangzhu artifacts comprising of jade, ceramics, stone ware and lacquer ware which all show, perfectly well, the culture’s antique and mysterious charm.

No. 1 Exhibition Hall - Discovery

This hall showcases the significant moments in uncovering the Liangzhu Culture which includes the relics that were found in 1936, named in 1959 and the civilization that was established in 2007. The exhibits are displayed according to time and space enabling visitors to follow in the footsteps of archeologists in their journey of exploring the magnificent Liangzhu Culture.

In the No. 1 Exhibition Hall there is an interactive room where models show the entire archeological process from surveying and excavation to the analysis of data collected. The Archaeological site, tools used and archaeological activities are also on show and it is guaranteed that after a visit here you will find archaeology is definitely worth digging around for…

No. 2 Exhibition Hall – Liangzhu Empire

Based on archaeological research of the Liangzhu Culture, this hall dedicates itself to life-size scenes of the Liangzhu people plowing, producing pottery and jade, weaving, carpentering, building house and palaces, dining and catching fish. In this hall visitors are able to get a full picture of what life was really like 5000 years ago. Besides the models, high-end technology such as sound, light and electricity are aptly utilized to show the glorious civilization of the Liangzhu Ancient Country.

No. 3 Exhibition Hall – Liangzhu Civilization

This exhibition hall focuses on displaying hardware and important relics which form the core of the relics collected by the Liangzhu Museum. The exhibition highlights a large number of exquisite jade wares such as Jade Cong and Jade Bi indicating the importance of the Liangzhu Culture to the rest of the world. 

Exit Hall

Inside the No. 3 Exhibition Hall there is an interaction zone named ‘A View of Liangzhu Relics’ in which visitors can imitate riding on the back of a flying bird in order to get a better view of both the cultural and natural landscape of the Liangzhu Empire. There is also a 4D film theater that aims to take its audience to another level by introducing them to the world of the Liangzhu Empire.
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