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Experience of Traditional Handicraft in Hangzhou 2019-11-06
(this post is especially for the Hangzhou Expat team to join the 2015 International Day)

Chinese traditional philosophy stresses the theory that man is an integral part of nature and God rewards the diligent ones. It embodies oriental life quality and attitude, and it also sketches the contours of the graceful temperament, interests and the poetic dwellings in Hangzhou.

7:50: Meet at the east gate of Dragon Stadium on Huanglong Road

09:00-10:30 Launching Ceremony of 2015 Hangzhou International Day

Introduction: There will be a grand ceremony on the wine culture of the Southern Song Dynasty imperial capital, which has a history of more than one thousand years.

Activity: Watch the performance of the Southern Song Wine Culture

10:15-12:00 Green Gallery: Scent of Beauty-Italian Photography Week

Introduction: Green Gallery is a characteristic exhibition hall in the city center. Nearly 400 pieces of photography works by 43 excellent Italian photographers will go thousands of miles to Hangzhou and will be displayed in the exhibition. The photography exhibition will demonstrate the impression of Italian cities, the daily life, dresses and customs of Italian people to Hangzhou through a most intuitive picture art…describe Italian peoples’ love for beauty and art, and open a window of knowing Italy for Hangzhou.

Activity: launching ceremony and exhibition

12:00 Lunch

14:00-15:00 Experience of Xiaoxiang Sanxun Hand-woven Cloth Making

Introduction: Our guests can have an experience of the handwoven cloth weaving skills transmitted through generations, and listen to the story of the 1,300 shuttles. Each piece of cloth is a display of the harmonious blending of mankind and nature, and the most revealing exhibition of genuine life.

Activity: Demonstration of hand-woven cloth making; tea dyed handkerchief making

15:30-16:30 Experience of Fan Culture at Wangxingji

Introduction: It is well-known to us that beautiful fans are all made in Hangzhou since ancient times. All stories about Chinese fans can be seen in Wangxingji, which has a history of 135 years. It only needs an elegant painting on a piece of plain cloth to produce a unique Wangxingji fan.

Activity: Fan making

18:00 Dinner

Source: Hangzhou English Portal
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