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Let Hangzhou Educate you into Having Fun… 2019-01-02
CTCD - Che Tian Che Di Children’s Indoor Play Center (彻天彻地童玩探险中心) is the first grand children’s center that combines indoor exploration, career experience and special training in China for children aged 3 and above. The children’s center focuses on growth and development of children both physically and mentally by incorporating internationally known sports, outward bound programs and other recreational educational activities. CTCD is the best place in which to improve children’s physical efficiency and emotional intelligence and at the same time offers fun for both children and parents alike.

CTCD is designed by David Taylor, an English children’s center designer. The personal brand ‘David Taylor Design’ was started 30 years ago by David who is a role model in the field of children amusement facility design and has also achieved international fame. Now, his creative masterpieces are all over the world and the centers designed by David Taylor and his team all share the same quality which is for both parents and children to have fun. Instead of watching children play from afar parents can now also join in and discover what makes their children tick.

Covering an area of 3000 sq m CTCD comprises of many sections including Exploration Section, Career Experiencing Section, Education Section and Party Section.

Exploration Section

All the facilities used here are imported directly from England which guarantees both a thrilling experience and the highest degree of safety. Facilities include the highest 90 degree slide in the world, a three-storey-high Z-shaped pagoda for climbing and descending, a giant air cannonball and a colorful ball pit etc. In addition, every facility is monitored by a professional who is on hand to instruct children and show them the right and safe way to enjoy themselves.

Career Experiencing Section

This section mimics professional career environments such as a fire department, police department and fashion salon. A mini society has been built for children to experience different careers according to their interests.

Education Section

CTCD in Hangzhou is the assigned training center for APRC (Asia-pacific Youth Robots Competition). In addition to that it provides children with science courses as well as IQ and EQ programs.

Party Section

The Party Section aims to create the most fancy and dream-like party marking the most important dates in your calendar such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or just friends wanting to have fun and hang out.

Address: 3 km west of the intersection of Gudun Road (古墩路) and Dongxi Avenue (东西大道), Yuhang District

Opening Hours:

9:30-17:00 on Wednesday and Thursday; 9:30-20:00 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
60 RMB for an adult, 150 RMB for one child and 270 RMB for one child and two parents

Saturday, Sunday and national holidays
80 RMB for an adult, 200 RMB for one child and 360 RMB for one child and two parents
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