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New Restaurants Bring Fresh Flavors to Town 2019-01-02
For many in China, the long holiday is a time to explore far-off locales and sample exotic cuisine. But for returning travelers missing the thrill of new tastes and experiences, never fear — Hangzhou has plenty of new restaurants to excite your taste buds and grab your attention.

Here, Shanghai Daily serves up a list of three of the city’s hottest new eateries.

A full range of hotpot options is available at Chuan Yue 1996.

Chuan Yue 1996

When Zhang Honghong opened Chuanweiguan, a Sichuan restaurant in Hangzhou some 19 years ago, his menu consisted mainly of traditional southwestern dishes adapted for diners used to milder fare.

Local palates have evolved over the intervening years though, allowing Zhang to realize his original dream — to offer authentic Sichuan-style cuisine in Hangzhou. Toward this end, last month he opened his new establishment: Chuan Yue 1996.

Lovers of fiery food can indulge in the flaming hot dishes Sichuan is famous for, including classics like shui zhu yu (fish fillet in chilli oil).

Naturally, a full range of hotpot options is also available, with dozens of chillies, peppers and seasonings boiled for upwards of four hours to make red broths. Meanwhile, white broths made with ox bone, chicken, beef and herbs are boiled for at least 12 hours prior to serving.

Also of note is the restaurant’s thoughtful design and decoration. The building itself is constructed in imitation of the diaojiaolou structures (stilted houses) found in Chongqing (which was once part of Sichuan).

These traditional dwellings are often built along hillsides and can include as many as 10 makeshift stories, depending on a family’s needs.

Address: 161 Qingchun Rd
(crossing of Qingchun Road and Zhongshan Road M.)

Tel: (0571) 8724-6728

Elochee is a good place for tourists to sample the real tastes of Hangzhou, such as Longjing tea in shelled shrimps.


Within days of opening its doors, Elochee had queues of diners waiting to get inside.

According to co-founder Chen Hua, Elochee incorporates online technology into the dining experience by allowing guests to reserve tables and order food via their smartphones.

What’s more, Chen says the restaurant utilizes big data to improve its market focus and has received some 10 million yuan (US$1.57 million) in angel investment.

But despite the restaurant’s high-tech prowess, Chen, who has 20 years of experience working in the IT industry, insists that the food is the real attraction.

Elochee has a full menu of Hangzhou dishes, all of which feature high-quality ingredients served up by an experienced chef. And with the average meal coming to about 60 yuan, Elochee is a good place for tourists to sample the real tastes of Hangzhou for themselves.

Address: 120 Wushan Rd (near the Longxiang Bridge Metro station)

Tel: (0571) 8649-6090

Roasted Fish sells three types of dishes: roasted fish, grilled kebabs and stone pot seafood.

Roasted Fish

Having been in business just over one year, Roasted Fish is currently operating six branches in Shanghai and just opened its first location in Hangzhou last month.

The restaurant sells three types of dishes: roasted fish, grilled kebabs and stone pot seafood.

The traditional roasted fish dish from which the chain derives its name originated in Sichuan and Chongqing. Today, it is popular in many parts of east China, where it is usually made using grass carp or perch. To distinguish itself from the crowded pack, Roasted Fish uses several rarer varieties, including the golden mosaic fish and the lumpfish.

The lumpfish features thick skin and lots of collagen. The golden mosaic fish has — not surprisingly — a natural gold color that turns black as it’s cooked.

Diners can choose from a dozen flavors, including curry, Thai sour and spicy, Korean kimchi, Chinese chilli and garlic spice. Meanwhile, customers can also select spice intensity, which ranges from mild to “crazily spicy.”

The stone pot seafood series features simply steamed seafood without seasoning. Only fresh Dalian seafood is used, as the relatively unpolluted waters near the city are known for their high-quality clams and snails.

Address: 007 booth, 4/F, Intime City, 380 Fengtan Rd

Tel: (0571) 8678-2672

Roasted fish

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