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Fishing - The Season's Greatest Catch 2019-01-02
After a three month recession, in late September the East China Sea will begin its fishing season again. It is widely known that seafood, at this time of the year, is extremely fresh and is also characterized by high quality and relatively low prices. To ease one’s craving for some fresher than fresh seafood and some autumnal fun, then visit the following three popular islands near Hangzhou.

Shenjiamen (沈家门)
Shenjiamen, situated in the southeastern part of the main island of Zhoushan Islands (舟山), is the largest natural fishing port in China and is also ranked among the ‘Three Largest Fishing Ports in the World’ along with Bergen Port in Norway and Puerto Callao in Peru.

Shenjiamen also has the largest distribution center of seafood in China and has long been known as 'the capital of fishery'. All the year round Shenjiamen is packed with buckets full of fish, crabs, shrimps and a wealth of other sea creatures from a number of different areas.

Every year people flock here from all corners of the world to sample its fresh seafood and when night falls the brightly lit seafood stalls lined along the seashore for 10 li (1 li equals 500 meters), resemble a fire-dragon zigzagging along the sea which, together with foodies diving in and out of the stalls in search for the best seafood, is simply spectacular.

In addition to tasting the freshly caught seafood one can also enjoy the town's amazing sea views and purchase almost anything and everything related to the sea. Hairtails and portunid crabs are highly recommended.

How to get there:
There are buses that leave Hangzhou Coach Center, Hangzhou South Bus Station, Long-distance Bus Station in Hangzhou East Railway Station and Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Sports Center to Shenjiamen.The journey takes approximately 4 hours.

Shengsi Islands (嵊泗列岛)
Shengsi Islands has long been recognized as the ‘Heavenly Mountain in the sea’ for its unique seaside view, azure waters, peculiar-shaped reefs and golden sands. In the daytime, tens of thousands of boats gather here and at night it is the same boats, with their sails aglow, that light up the night sky.

Most importantly Shengsi Islands is 'the fish storehouse of the China East Sea' and here you will be amazed by the wide variety of sea products on offer. On the islets, one can try Shengsi specialties like snail sauce, clams, portunid crabs and scallops and the seafood stalls in Caiyuan Town (菜园镇) and Jinping (金平) are ideal places in which to savor these delicacies. Besides enjoying the delicious high-quality seafood, not forgetting the seafood noodles, visitors can also sail off to catch their fish of the day.

For sightseeing, head to Wonderland - Shengshan Abandoned Village where one can listen to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks and see moss climbing all over the town's ancient walls.

How to get there:
1. Hangzhou Jiubao Coach Center: one bus every day that departs at 8:00 am
2. Hangzhou South Bus Station: one bus every day that departs at 10:30 am
3. The journey takes approximately three and a half hours

Yushan Archipelago (渔山列岛)

Yushan Archipelago is the ‘Number One Angling Ground in Asia’ and with its special location in the intersection of ocean currents, it is rich in fish, shells and algae, which together total over 300 species.

Yushan Archipelago is situated in the southeast of Xiangshan Mountain (象山) and comprises of 13 islands and 41 skerries – an area that totals 2 sq km with a coastal line of 21 km. The place is abundant in living marine resources, hence it being recognized as the ideal venue for sea angling.

Yushan Archipelago’s fishing period lasts as long as ten months from March to December and various types of angling activities are conducted here like rock angling, trolling and boat fishing. After the successful Yushan International Sea Fishing Invitation Competition in 2003, anglers from both home and abroad have continued to come here for the special angling experience.

How to get there:
Take buses from Hangzhou Central Bus Station or South Bus Station to Shipu Town (石浦镇) and then transfer by speedboat to the islands. The journey takes approximately 4 hours.
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