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Seasonally Crab-tastic… 2019-01-02
The period from September to November is widely known as the best time to relish a crab or two. It is at this time of the year that the crabs are more meaty and tender and whether steamed or fried, either way, they are seasonally crab-tastic.

Restaurants in and around town have already put their best crabs on show and trying any of the following and their signature dishes will certainly be worth the wait.

Vision Siam (忆暹罗)

Vision Siam is an authentic Thai restaurant that specializes in Curry Crabs. The main ingredient of the restaurant’s signature dish is imported sea crabs which are flavored with an authentic Thai curry paste.

The dish is further enhanced with sweet coconut milk and together with pepper oil and fish sauce the Thai Curry Crabs taste sensational and are most definitely Vision Siam’s dish of the day.

Add: Room 304, 3rd Floor of Mr. Box, No. 294 Wen’yi Road, Xihu District (西湖区文一路294号集盒3楼304)

Tel: 86-571-28977662

Yong Jin Ge Chinese Restaurant (涌金阁中餐厅)

Yong Jin Ge is situated inside Hangzhou’s Sofitel West Lake Hotel and is noted for preparing authentic Hang Bang Cai (Hangzhou Cuisine). The restaurant’s signature dish, Crabs Fried with Pepper, has been a specialty of the restaurant for over ten years and serves as the number one seasonal favorite with locals.

The dish is created by absorbing essences of Singaporean Cuisine and Thai Cuisine which are then incorporated into the cooking methods of Hangzhou’s fried crabs. The main ingredient is San Men Green Crab* which is freshly cooked and seasoned by using multiple ingredients like fish sauce, pepper sauce, egg and milk. In just one bite, one’s taste-buds are tantalized with a wealth of flavors such as sweet, spicy, sour and fragrant.

*San Men Green Crab is a species of crab found in the coastal areas of middle Zhejiang Province and is known for its high medicinal and beautifying value. It has also been honored many titles such as ‘Protected Product of National Geographic Landmarks’, ‘China Organic Product’ and ‘Chinese Renowned Brand'.

Add: No. 333, Xihu Avenue, Shangcheng District (上城区西湖大道333号)

Tel: 86-571-87075858-5517

Lakeview Hotel Chinese Restaurant (望湖楼中餐厅)

Crabs at this time of the year are the best for making crab powder and the crab powder in Lakeview Hotel Chinese restaurant is prepared from fresh water crabs living in lakes in Jiangsu Province. The crab meat used to make the powder is picked daily and boiled for a long period of time and according to the restaurant’s secret recipe.

Dishes flavored with crab powder are extremely savory and the hotel’s recommended dishes include: Codfish Cooked with Crab Powder, Shark’s Lip Stewed with Crab Powder and Shrimp Balls with Crab Powder, all of which offer you a novel way to taste this seasonal specialty.

Add: 8th Floor of Lakeview Hotel, No.2 West Huancheng Road, Shangcheng District (上城区环城西路2号望湖宾馆8楼)

Tel: 86-571-87078888-6808
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