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Registration for Hangzhou Marathon 2015 2019-01-02
GAC Honda Hangzhou Marathon 2015 gave a news briefing in Hangzhou on Sep.6. This year Hangzhou International Marathon officially changes its name to Hangzhou Marathon which is more concise and convenient. Registration will start from Sep.16

Last year Hangzhou Marathon won the honor of “gold medal game” awarded by Chinese Athletics Association, ranking among top domestic competitions. It also won the award of “the annually most characteristic mass sport” established for the first time by Zhejiang Sports Top Ten and was highly praised as the most beautiful marathon. 

This year the firing time of Hangzhou Marathon is scheduled on Nov.1 and the event will take place a week earlier than Shanghai Marathon.

2015 Hangzhou Marathon retains the traditional full-length marathon (42.196 km), half-marathon (21 km), mini race (6.8 km), couple race (3.5 km) and family race (1.2 km) whilst canceling short race marathon.

Considering extremely hot registrations, participating quota will be generated by lottery.

Registration time

16/09/2015 – 22/09/2015

Registration way

2015 Hangzhou Marathon official website(http://www.hzim.org/index.jsf

Qualification will be up to lottery. After the deadline for registration, organizing committee will make qualification examination of all applicants and then those passing review will draw lots.
Registration category

Total participating quota: 30,000 people

Full- and half- length marathon: 15,000 people

Mini marathon: 12,000 people

Couple and family races: each 1500 people


Male and female marathon championships: Finished within the prescribed time, the reward of $40,000.

Breaking the event record: An additional $10,000 (only the first)

“Straight in Hangzhou Marathon”

1500 people will get pass-through slots and will have to pass review as well as pay the fees.

1. Runners with good rating in Zhejiang marathons and high integral. (Zhejiang Province starts integral this year.)
2. Runners with outstanding results this year in Zhejiang full- and half- length marathons.
3. Runners finished 6 or successively 5 Hangzhou full- or half- length marathons in recent 10 years.
4. Runners with outstanding results in 2014 Hangzhou Marathon.
5. 100 runners who have first-aid capabilities, including doctors and nurses with marathon experiences.
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