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Step on Board to Xiling Seal-engraving 2019-11-06
During the China (Hangzhou) International Cartoon & Animation Festival Hangzhou’s subway 1 introduced a special train which later proved to be extremely popular and is said to have contributed, in its unique way, to the success of the festival. To continue along this exciting route another extraordinary train is scheduled to run, this August, but this time the train is dedicated to Xiling Seal-engravers' Society and the remarkable culture it represents.

Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society is not only noted as the No.1 Society in the world but is also recognized for its long-standing devotion to seal-engraving, with the greatest achievements and most influences.

This new train aims to expose Xiling culture to as many people as possible, to build a platform for people in which to exchange their thoughts about art and culture and to present the best Xiling culture to people throughout Hangzhou. Both sides of the train are covered with cartoon characters and brightly-colored designs which have used pen, ink and ink stone mediums to entice their passengers into feeling like they have boarded a moving art palace.

In the subway station of Wulin Square there is also a cultural fair which is abundant in traditional gifts such as tea sets, porcelain ware and jade artifacts as well as the Xiling - themed souvenirs.

Out of this six carriage train, five offer a different journey into the Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society and its related culture. The first carriage is dedicated to the development of Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society and it is aboard this train that one can also learn, at length, about its history.

The second is the ‘Bar of Xiling Seal-engraving’ where seal-engravings can be seen to have depicted various cartoon characters. The theme of the third carriage is the ‘Impression of Xiling Seal-engraving’, offering passengers the chance to see Xiling-themed gifts. The fourth is the ‘Xiling Art Gallery’ where web slangs and sentimental sentences have been doodled on the wall along with hand-drawn maps.

Finally the last carriage is ‘Xiling Art Palace’ which is adorned with pictures of seals, porcelain, jade artifacts, bronze artifacts and Four Treasures of the Study (brush, ink, paper and ink stone used in Chinese calligraphic tradition).

The train will run until Oct. 14 and during this period lectures on art appreciation, free identification of folk art pieces and activities like calligraphy will also be available. In addition, in early October, you can visit the old Residence of Sha Menghai (沙孟海: master of Chinese seal-engraving), the Longyou Branch of Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society Group and the historical site of Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society on Solitary Hill. So for a journey into the history and the future of Xiling Seal-engravers’ Society, all you need to do is step on board.

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