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Autumn – One of Hangzhou's Sweetest Seasons 2019-08-01
After the scorching heat we are welcomed by autumn also known as pumpkin season. Hangzhou at this time of year is not only rich in color but also offers pleasant weather and the best seasonal time to explore a number of scenic spots residing in Hangzhou.

Maojiabu is situated to the west of the West Lake and used to be the chosen path for pilgrims to reach Lingyin Temple. Despite its attachment to the West Lake Scenic Area this place is, in fact, away from all the hustle and bustle of urban life and offers its visitors a view of the serene version of the lake. Maojiabo ( Jia meaning Family and bu meaning dock) was once a village home to families named Mao and also served as a dock where pilgrims, getting to Lingyin Temple, boarded boats, hence its name.

As the starting point of Pilgrim’s Path, today the scenic area can be appreciated by all for its Buddhism culture, folk culture and tea culture. Residences in the village are white-walled and gray-tiled as well as neat and orderly arranged, making village life for residents both quiet and leisurely. For the unique environment, the place is home to themed inns and restaurants all serving a number of farm-flavored dishes.

Maojiabu is blessed with distinctive seasonal views and it is the autumn months that it is noted for its hills decorated with colorful trees, tea gardens and fresher than fresh air. The place is easy to locate and, with multiply buses passing by, transportation is also convenient. In addition, you can get to the nearby Lingyin Temple from here and the local hotels and restaurants are also reasonably priced and as for the scenery… well this is beyond words.

Transportation: Take bus No. 27, 87, Y2, Y6 to the bus stop of Maojiabu

Prince Bay Park
Prince Bay Park is one of the most appreciated parks in Hangzhou and is a haven for wedding photography too. The entrance of the park faces the West Lake and has no walls but only luscious mountains surrounding it. It is both grand in size and appearance and features an abundance of towering trees, seasonal flowers, verdant mountains and a gurgling creek. On its perfectly laid lawns stands a huge windmill which may also give one the impression of being in Europe.

Prince Bay Park in autumn is a world of maple trees flagged by their flame-like red leaves and things to do inside the park are aplenty. Reclining on the lawns to enjoy the surrounding views or climbing to the top of the mountain to have a panoramic view of the park are just some of the ways in which to appreciate this park’s seasonal beauty.

Transportation: Take bus No. 4, 31, 51, 52, 87, 315, 334, 815, Y2, Y6 to the bus stop of Sudi (Su Causeway)

Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village
Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village is appreciated as one of the ‘Top Ten Views of the West Lake’ and inside the village over 7000 osmanthus trees are planted with the oldest one being over 200 years old and the largest one carrying flowers that weigh 50 kilograms.

It is at this time of year that sweet osmanthus, the city flower of Hangzhou, can be seen blooming all over town and whenever autumn comes the air is filled with an intoxicating fragrance and with the wind, osmanthus flowers drop from the trees and fall just like rain, hence its name ‘Sweet Osmanthus Rain’. To idle away a day by gathering under an osmanthus tree, chatting and sipping a cup of osmanthus tea is what some may describe as seasonally sensational. 

Transportation: take the bus No.4, 31, 194, 197, 315 to the bus stop of Hangzhou Zoo
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