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Themes of Cultural Heritage Weaved into Hotel 2019-04-01
In Jiande, the first theme hotel on the ‘Fishermen of Nine Surnames’ concept saw its soft opening on July 28. The ‘Fishermen of Nine Surnames’ is a unique local culture originated in Jiande City, Hangzhou and was recently inscribed on the list of National Intangible Cultural Relics.

The nine surnames in the folklore are Chen, Qian, Lin, Ye, Xu, He, Li, Yuan and Sun. Legend has it that the ancestors of Fishermen of Nine Surnames were the followers of Chen Youliang – a great force in the overthrowing of the corrupt Yuan Dynasty. After losing the battle to Zhu Yuanzhang – the founder of the Ming Dynasty, he and his followers were banished to the Fuchun river area in Zhejiang province and their descendants have since been known as ‘Fishermen of Nine Surnames’. During the Ming Dynasty era, there were strict rules against them, restricting them to living on fishing boats, forbidding them from entering any public places or marrying people on the land and prohibiting them from applying for government posts.

For hundreds of years, Fishermen of Nine Surnames have lived on boats and touched land only to purchase daily necessities. This form of isolation from society helped in the formation of a distinct language, clothing and lifestyle. Representative artefacts of their culture include the custom of Bride Kidnapping in Dragon Boats and Wedding Ceremony on water as well as the famous medicinal liquor ‘Wujiapi’.

To popularize and recreate the unique fishing culture of the area, Luotong Village blends certain elements into the design of the garden hotel to best showcase folk customs. Staying at the hotel, one can experience the fog in the early mornings and enjoy the moon at nights with the cool river breeze fanning the estate during the entire day. Guestrooms with high elevation offer a splendid view with the scenery of Xin’an River laid out before one’s eyes.

The roofs of the guestrooms on the top are so designed to make one feel like they are residing in a fishing boat and not a building on land. Standing out from all guestrooms is the one guestroom at the highest point of the hotel which is equipped with a unique bathroom that features three walls made of glass, with the south wall facing the river directly, and the north and west ones blocked by leafy trees to guarantee privacy. Imagine bathing in a bathtub covered with flower petals while enjoying the surrounding natural scenery, white clouds dotting the azure sky above and crystal-clear river below. What a treat!

If you want to immerse yourself in the unique culture of Fishermen of Nine Surnames and enjoy the gifts of nature, get to the hotel by driving along Hangxinjing Expressway (杭新景高速) till the exit of Xin’an River and then follow Xin’an Road (新安路) to entrance of the hotel.
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West Lake Customized Bus – Signature Sights at Every Stop2019-04-15
April is the best time to tour Hangzhou. Recently, Hangzhou has opened a new customized tourist bus route No. 9, which only runs on weekends from Hangzhou East Railway Station to West Lake Scenic Area. The customized bus is really a treasure route for touring West Lake, which has few passengers, but also very fast. Most important of all is that wherever you get off, you can have the most classic touring experience in Hangzhou.
Breathing the Freshest Air in Zhejiang2019-04-15
The air pollution prevention and control office of the leading group for the construction of a beautiful Zhejiang Province recently announced the evaluation results of the 2018 clean air demonstration zones. Chun'an County and Jiande City in Hangzhou were rated as the first Zhejiang clean air demonstration zones.
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