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Running with the Night 2019-01-02
Running at night is a popular exercise practiced worldwide and is favorable in places like Hangzhou that are blessed with pleasant sceneries that are even more serene when illuminated by nightlights. However cursed the day may be with a sun that refuses to take a break, the night always offers solace to those who cannot bear the daytime in summer.

Running at night has many benefits: a chance to enjoy the silence and solitude of nature, a cool breeze, a sense of freedom, a heightened awareness of surroundings, and lesser traffic out on the roads. Hangzhou offers multiple choices for night runners, with most of them well lit to ensure safety and a wonderful view along the way. Read on if you’re ready to free both your mind and body.

Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Sports Center

Hangzhou International Marathon came into being in 1987 by combining the old West Lake Osmanthus International Marathon and Hangzhou International Friendship West Lake Marathon into one event, with Huanglong Sports Center being the starting point of the route ever since. The sports center is oval-shaped with two square pillars standing at two opposite ends. Inside the center are a football (soccer) stadium with a running track, an indoor arena, outdoor track and field practice facility and additional sports facilities. The place also serves as a transport hub for a large number of public buses.

Route: Huanglong Road → Shuguang Road → Baochu Road → Beishan Road → West Huancheng Road → Hubin Walking Street → Nanshan Road → Hupao Road → Zhijiang Road → Meiling Road (turn back) → Westlake Golf Club → Zhijiang Road → Hupao Road → Yanggong Causeway → Shuguang Road → Qiushi Road → Huanglong Sports Center

Road Condition: Along the route are even blacktops with vehicles coming and going. The route is also one of the hottest in town for cycling enthusiasts and there may be a constant stream of cyclists and motorists passing you by. All those using this route are advised to wear reflecting gear and exercise caution.

Hangzhou Public Service Center

Occupying the central area of the new CBD of Hangzhou – Qianjiang New City, Hangzhou Public Service Center is well located and was surrounded by the new Hangzhou Municipal Building and glitzy financial centers.

The Hangzhou Public Service Center consists of six arc-shaped main buildings and four L-shaped attached buildings. With the moon-shaped Hangzhou Grand Theater at its front and the disc-shaped Hangzhou International Conference Center at its back, Hangzhou Public Service Center is intentionally situated on the axis of the Qianjiang New City to imply its status. What’s also worth mentioning about the place is that it is located near the majestic Qiantang River and the river dyke on its right is the destination of the annual Crossing Qiantang River Event.

Route: Huanglong Road → Shuguang Road → Baochu Road → Beishan Road → Shentang Jingqu Road (圣塘景区路) → Hubin Walking Street → Nanshan Road → Santaishan Road (三台山路) → Longjing Road → North Meiling Road → Meiling Tunnel → South Meiling Road → Zhijiang Road → Zhijiang Road (turn back) → Qiantang Road → Fuchun Road → Hangzhou Public Service Center

Road Condition: The route is characterized by concrete road dominated by a continuous flow of vehicles; vigilance is required. The ending point, Hangzhou Public Service Center, offers plenty of things to do like reading at the library, watching a performance at the Hangzhou Grand Theater or shopping and enjoying delicacies in Sasseur Life Plaza etc.

The Broken Bridge

There is a saying about the three odd facts of Hangzhou - ‘the Long Bridge isn’t long, the Broken Bridge isn’t broken and the Solitary Hill isn’t solitary’. Among the three, the Broken Bridge is the most favored for a number of reasons - its strong connection with the moving love story ‘Legend of the White Snake’, its role as a must-pass to reach Bai Causeway and the Solitary Hill, and for the fact that it is the best vantage point to appreciate the historical Beishan Road lit by modern lights. Transportation here is convenient.

Route: Broken Bridge → Bai Causeway → Solitary Hill → Su Causeway → Hupao Road → North Meiling Road → South Meiling Road → Lingyin Road → Beishan Road → Broken Bridge

Road Condition: Along the route are all concrete roads. Scenery along the route is fabulous with few things blocking your view.

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