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Lotus Flowers – Scene of the Season 2019-07-16
July and August are the best months to enjoy the beauty of eye-catching lotus flowers and relax in the presence of its refreshing fragrance, and the annual Lotus Flowers Appreciation Event provides not just that but more. This year, besides the usual attractions for viewing lotus teeming with crowds like the Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden and Guo’s Villa, Hongyuan Garden of Xixi National Wetland Park and Zhuji City, the two venues of the event, are not to be missed to view this gorgeous ornamental flower.

Xixi National Wetland Park

Early in June when the lotus flowers in West Lake are still inside their buds, the ones at Hongyuan Garden can’t stand waiting to bloom. At Hongyuan Garden, visitors can stroll along the winding boardwalk above the water to appreciate lotus flowers up close and spot the occasional dragonfly or bees humming around the flowers, an unforgettable experience for both tourists and photography enthusiasts. Visitors can also float lotus-shaped lanterns in the stream to pray for good luck, or hop on one of the leisure boats to sip a cup of unique lotus tea while immersing one's senses in the musical tones of Kunqu Opera set against the backdrop of gorgeous scenery. For those in a quest to satisfy their appetites, the lotus feast available in Shui Jie Shi Fu Restaurant never fails to disappoint.

From today onwards till August 25, every night from 6 pm to 10 pm, visitors can enjoy beer, music and the cool air offered by Hongyuan. A wide variety of lotus based dishes such as fragrant herbal tea prepared from lotus, lotus flower chowder, lotus seed soup, Beggar’s Chicken and steamed pork with rice wrapped up in lotus leaves. It’s a lotus world indeed!

Admission Fee: 80 RMB per person
Transportation: Take bus no. J13 (available only on national holidays and weekends) to the Hongyuan bus stop, take bus no. K356 to the Xi Xi Shi Di Xi Qu bus stop (west district of Xixi Wetlands) or take bus no. 506 to the Liu Xia Bei bus stop (north of Liuxia Town).

Zhuji City

Zhuji City is located at the northern foot of Kuaiji Mountain in Shaoxing City and is the erstwhile capital of the State of Yue during the Spring and Autumn Period (771- 476). The city is the hometown of Xi Shi, one of the renowned Four Beauties of ancient China. In many a folk legend, Xi Shi is worshipped as the goddess of lotus flowers and it’s no surprise that in summer days, Zhuji is covered with a carpet of lotus flowers. It’s this cultural background that makes Zhuji City stand out for lotus flowers viewing. In Zhuji City, visitors can offer sacrifices to the goddess of lotus flowers to get a firsthand experience of the local customs. During the event, free buses to the venue are available every day at 7 in the morning at the Huanglong Tourism Center.

Other lotus events during the summer around this time

The 4th Hangzhou West Lake Lotus Exhibition

Vibrantly hosted at Guo’s Villa and Quyuan Garden, the event enables its visitors to feast on over 600 aquatic plants with lotus being the main theme.

Admission Fee: 10 RMB per person
Transportation: Take bus no. 7, 27, 51, 118 to the Yue Miao bus stop (the Mausoleum of Yue Fei)

Hai Huang Xing Eco-park

Hai Huang Xing Eco-park is a magnificent scenic area located at the confluence of three rivers. Within the scenic area, over 300 mu (1 mu=666 sq. m.) of the water surface of Jade Dragon Lake is bedecked with a seemingly endless stretch of lotus flowers. Experiencing the beautiful scene by Qiantang River is enriched by the bloom of lotus flowers, making for an exquisite treat for one’s eyes.

Admission Fee: 150RMB for both the admission of one parent and one child and a complementary gift certificate worth RMB120 to use at the entertainment facilities inside the park.
Transportation: Take bus no. K827 to the Hang Jiang Village bus stop

Xianghu Lake

The Lotus Villa of Xianghu Lake, resting in the area east of Kuahu Bridge, covers an area of 3460 sq m. and houses six species of lotus flowers of various colors.

Admission Fee: Free of cost
Transportation: Take subway line 1 to the Xianghu station; take no. K 405 bus, K707, K702, K716, K344, K327 or K515 to the Xianghu bus stop or take the free shuttle bus at the Huanglong Tourism Center (available only on national holidays and weekends).
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