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Meaty Joints Serve up Some Fine Hunks of Beef 2019-05-20
People from different cultures have an amazing variety of beef recipes. Steak is common in the West, Kobe beef is a Japanese delicacy and beef balls originated in southern China. Globalization means Hangzhou residents can try different beef dishes from around the world without leaving the city.

Some new restaurants are now specializing in beef. They are determined to muscle their way into the market with “secret” family recipes, high-quality meat and various homemade sauces.

Yakiniku Sakaba Gyusho

Gyusho serves the highest quality of beef from Japan. A5 Wagyu beef is derived from Wagyu cattle fed only good quality grain (corn and rice straw) and that are raised with scrupulous care.

Cooked in a charcoal oven, the meat has a nice balance of fat, an extremely smooth texture and a wonderful juiciness. Eat each bite slowly to savor the moment. Remember that such quality comes at a price. It costs 388 yuan (US$62.48) for 150 grams of A5 Wagyu beef.
Owner Xu Hui also recommends the ribs, which cost 88 yuan for 150g.
Address: 1/F, Buynow 3C Mall, 23 Jiaogong Rd
Tel: (0571) 8539-7253

Gyudo (御牛道)

Queues are common at restaurants that have a distinctive feature or offer good value for money. The line at Gyudo usually forms around 5pm and doesn’t disappear until 9pm as diners are hankering for its yakiniku, or grilled meat.

Owner Jiang Jun believes Hangzhou people are interested in fusion cuisine and authentic delicacies from other places.
Gyudo’s claim to fame is its barbecued beef although the grilled chicken, pork and seafood are also tasty options. Customers grill their own meal on a charcoal burner. Jiang offers 17 types of beef, four kinds of ox tongues and seven different types of pork. From the beef menu, Jiang recommends the diaphragm, a thin sheet of muscle under the lungs.

“Although it looks like a lean meat, it is an organ meat with a taste and texture similar to lean meat, just slightly oilier,” Jiang says. Customers will have to arrive early if they want to try the diaphragm as daily supplies are limited.
Address: 54 Er Sheng Miao Qian, on the corner with Zhongshan Rd M.
Tel: (0571) 8607-0902

Ciu Saan Beef (潮牛)

Only 39 percent part of an ox is suitable for a hotpot, says the slogan of this restaurant. There’s an illustration of an ox detailing the parts best for a hotpot including the spine, belly and rear.

Ox entrails and some vegetables are used as the main hotpot ingredients. The restaurant’s signature beef balls are 4 yuan (64 US cents) per piece. Beef balls — the chewier the better — are common in southern China and overseas Chinese communities. The dish originated among Hakka people and was later popularized by Chaozhou people.

In Stephen Chow’s film “The God of Cookery,” actress Karen Mok tenderizes the meat over and over so that the beef balls have enough elasticity to be used as ping pong balls. Of course, the scene was designed for laughs and beef balls aren’t made like that. But Ciu Saan does serve beef balls the size of a ping pong ball. They are also chewy enough to require a fair bit of effort while eating. Cooks here say they beat the meat 1,000 times with a tailor-made iron stick, which diners can witness through the open kitchen.

Meat from the legs are recommended as well. Adventurous diners can also try beef from the cow’s neck, fatty meat from the chest, or the entrails.
Address: 6 Baifu Rd
Tel: (0571) 8605-8777

Source: Hangzhou English Portal
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