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The Dragon Boat Festival – Keeping Afloat of the Times 2020-04-05
The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival that has been celebrated for almost over two thousand years. While eating Zongzi and watching Dragon Boat Racing are two draws of this festival if you are into something new, and maybe less competitive, then the following three attractions will certainly keep you afloat of the times.

Xin'an River (新安江)

Xin'an River, a section of the majestic Qiantang River, is located in western Zhejiang and has a total length of 373 km. A hotspot both in ancient times and today, Xin’an River has won the hearts of many for its unrivaled scenery composing of crystal-clear waters, verdant mountains and historical relics. Xin’an River is the most favoured in sweltering summer days because its water remains 12-17 degree centigrade all year round.

This Dragon Boat Festival, to make the best of Xin’an River’s advantages, a dragon boat drifting activity has been arranged where visitors can sit leisurely inside one of the dragon boats and glide along to the cool breeze while appreciating the picture perfect riverside scenery.
How to Get There: drive along Hangxinjing Expressway (杭新景高速) to the exit of Xin’an River or take the Hangzhou – Xin’an River bus.

Cangqian (仓前)

Cangqian, with a history of over 873 years, gained its name from its location as it is set in front of an ancient official granary. Cangqian, with a river flowing through it, features a breath-taking landscape of streams and mountains and is the hometown of Zhang Taiyan (章太炎) – the renowned master of Chinese Culture. Cangqian is also the residence of the little white broad bean of Longquan Temple – an imperial tribute in ancient times and the place where New Stone Age relics have been unearthed.

Every Dragon Boat Festival, Cangqian prepares the most original and traditional dragon boat racing for its fans. This year visitors will be able to witness dragon boats diving in and out of rivers with colorful flags flying in between.

How to Get There: drive westwards along West Wen’yi Road (文一西路) and turn right to Haishu Road (海曙路) at the intersection of Lvting Road (绿汀路口) or take the bus from Gudang (古荡) to Cangqian.

White Dragon Pool (白龙潭)

White Dragon Pool, a new attraction located inside Longwu Scenic Area (龙坞风景区) West Lake, is an ideal place for visitors to be at one with nature. There are two highlights of this place one is the White Dragon Waterfall which is the largest one in Hangzhou’s suburb and the White Dragon pool, the legendary gathering place of all dragons in China. The Jade Dragon in the White Dragon pool is carved out from white marble, one of China’s most precious materials and is the largest of its kind in China with a total length of 25 meters, a height of 3.6 meter and a weight of 106 tons.

This Dragon Festival, the White Dragon Pool Scenic Area will hold a land dragon boat festival, a new experience to celebrate the dragon boat festival.

How to Get There: Take 504 to Zhuangtang Town (转塘) and then transfer to White Dragon Pool by the town bus.
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