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Zongzi – Full of Flavour and Fragrance 2019-01-02
With the Dragon Boat Festival commencing on June 20 the air is full of flavour and fragrance. Zongzi, a traditional pyramid-shaped Chinese snack, is made of glutinous rice and is stuffed with different fillings and then wrapped in fragrant bamboo leaves. Zongzi are usually steamed or boiled in water during which the fragrance of bamboo leaves penetrates the rice, adding flavour and charm to its already sweet taste.

Although this is a festive food for the Dragon Boat Festival people, notably in the Jiangnan region, also eat Zongzi for breakfast, lunch and even supper. However the actual time to savour this Chinese delicacy is around the Dragon Boat Festival because this is when the bamboo leaves are the most fragrant. People in Jiangnan have a deep connection with this festive food and are always trying to improve it and that’s why Zongzi in the Jiangnan Region are simply the best.

Wu Fang Zhai - Traditional Style

Wu Fang Zhai, established in 1921, is a local business that prepares all kinds of scrumptious and artistic snacks and is among the first group of ‘China Old Brands’. Out of all of its products, Zongzi are the most famous ones, which accounts for the shops title 'the King of Zongzi in Jiangnan Region'. In Wu Fang Zhai, besides savouring all kinds of sweet and savoury Zongzi, you can also learn about the profound food culture of China.

Starbucks – Exotic Style

This Dragon Boat Festival Starbucks, the famous overseas coffee chain, has mixed modern flavours with traditional Chinese style and produced five kinds of Zhongzi: Earl Grey Jelly flavour, Mango flavour, Strawberry & Cream flavour, Green Tea & Red Bean flavour and Coffee Almond flavour. With crunchy crystallized ice skin and delicious fillings all of these treats are the ideal way to cool you down in Hangzhou’s summer heat and are a wonderful and unique way to celebrate with friends and family.

Supermarkets - Convenient Style

As the Dragon Boat Festival kicks off, the city’s supermarket shelves are already packed high with the festival’s favourite snack. Visiting any supermarket in town and you will find a variety of Zongzi and covering any number of tastes these make great treats for yourself, friends and family. Hitting any one of the big supermarkets in town including Century Mart, Vanguard, Wal-Mart and Carrefour and you are well on your way to enjoying the Dragon Boat festival.
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